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Eric Church at the Houston Rodeo

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Setting up
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The NRG Stadium waiting for the show I sat in anticipation waiting for the Entertainment show of the night. It was the first night of the Houston Rodeo, and Eric Church would be performing live. There was such a turn out. Surrounded by the crowd, it felt as if you were home for a family reunion. Everyone waited patiently, watching the Mutton Busting competition and the crew set up the stage.

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Church performing the first song of the night Creepin’ Church finally came out with the intro to a very popular song. The audience roared in cheers, and everyone sang along to “Creepin’.”

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Church performing Jack Daniels

The crowd sang along to another favorite, Jack Daniels.

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Like A Wrecking Ball

Church blew away the crowd with Like A Wrecking Ball.

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Fans during these boots

When Church began playing his song “These Boots,” many fans took off their boots and held them in the air.

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Funnel Cake

I had to get a funnel cake before the night was over. It’s a tradition I follow religiously.

The Houston Rodeo is a great experience to be apart of. I can’t wait to return later this season.


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