Koko Fit Club

By: Elisabeth Gray

I have always wanted a gym membership! This Sunday, I got my first membership at Koko Fit Club. They had a $30 for 30 days trial membership and my parents offered to give my a month membership as a christmas present.

Koko Fit Cub is a virtual gym. You get a USB that gives you access to the gym, tells you what workouts to do, what weight to use and how many reps to do. Sice I am new to working out, this is a super cool feature.

When I first walked into the gym, I was completely shocked that there were only three types of machines. Four treadmills, two elliptical machines, and six universal gym machines. How are you supposed to get a workout on only three machines?

The workouts are not as hard as I expected. They are tailored to fit you based on your size, range of motion and strength. When you initially join the gym, you are given a strength test to measure the amount of weight that you can lift in each exercise. Some of them feel really light to me. The cardio sessions are only 15 minutes. Since I run cross country and marathons, this is a tiny workout to me. In order to make up for the short cardio routine I have been jgging to the gym, which is two miles from my house. This adds four miles to my daily routine.

I am enjoying the gym and like the high-tech atmosphere. It is super cool and definately one of a kind.

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