School Field Trip!

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continue reading this Today, March 3rd 2015, Carnegie Vanguard High School went on a school wide field trip. The entire school, freshman, sophmores, juniors, and seniors attended. Since there are appoximately 600 students in our school, this was an enormous field trip!

The trip went surprisingly well. There was a 50 percent chance of rain, so everybody brought umbrellas and ponchos. Luckily it didn’t rain! It was cloudy and humid, but the sun began to come out at the end of the day.

We went to the zoo and to Herman park. (Now you understand why it would be a problem if it rained.) We stayed at the zoo from 9:00am-11:00am, had lunch at 11:30 (which was provided by the school) and spent the rest of the day relaxing at Herman park. We were allowed to go back into the zoo and had free rain over all of Herman park. The park is ENORMOUS!

While we were at the zoo, tons of the animals were out and about. The elephants, meercats, lemurs, and boa constricter were especially active and entertaining to watch.

It was tons of fun! We owe a huge thank you to principle Moss and everyone that helped make this field trip happen. I hope that the school has more school wide field trips in the future. It was an excellent chane for everyone to get out, destress and relax.

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