Hunter Hayes Concert


By: Ixchel Perez

I have been a Hunter Hayes fan for four years now. I love his style and his music, oh yeah and lets not forget about how handsome he is. His music makes me fall in love, it always touches the right spot in my heart.

Hayes has been a singer since he was 3 years old. By the age of five he was invited to many talk shows and wen he was 12 years old he participated in America’s Most Talented Kid. Hunter was born a star, I bet he started to sing way before the age of three, most likely he started when he was in his mothers womb.

Anyways, we all know that he is a talented handsome young man. Tomorrow I will go see him for the first time ever at the Houston rodeo. I am so excited, I can not wait for tomorrow. I am not sure what my reaction will be when he starts to sing one of my favorites songs such as; Wanted, tattoo, somebody’s heartbreak and many others.

This will not only be my very first concert but it will also be my first Concert review for the Insight of the Houston Chronicle ever. I am ready to learn different types of writing and reviews. I am sure that I will enjoy writing about Hunter Hayes. And don not worry because I will also blog about the concert!

omg my baby

Look at how Handsome he is… I hope I can handle his cuteness at the concert!

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