By: Elisabeth Gray

I recently turned 18 and had my first opportunity to vote. I did not know much about the election, but voted anyways as a symbolic “adult” action. I plan to be much more informed in the next election, research candidates, and possibly try to associate myself with a particular political party. I have been doing some research in order to determine my political affiliation. I have taken several online tests that ask you questions about political topics in order to assess your views. They asked questions about abortion, taxes, welfare, military, and economics. Today, I took three different tests that turned out relatively similar results.

The first test that I took was can be found HERE

This test gave me a percentage of the number of times I sided with each particular party. My results were 87% Democratic, 85% Green Party, 84% Libertarian, 43% socialist, and 39% Republican. I thought this was interesting. I generally believed I leaned towards democratic and liberal views, but the numbers were far higher than I expected them to be. It also told me the issues that I agree with each party. I agree with Republicans on environmental and economic issues; socialists on social issues; Libertarians on social issues, healthcare, domestic policy, economic issues, foreign policy, and immigration issues; the Green Party on social issues, healthcare, immigration, domestic policy and foreign issues; and Democrats on social issues, economic issues, environmental issues, domestic policy, immigration, and healthcare issues.

The second test that I took can be found HERE

This test asked the same types of questions but did not brand you with a political party. Instead, it classified you as liberal, left learning, skeptical, young outsider, bystander,  or conservative. It classified me as a young outsider because I agree and disagree with the policies of every political party. This is true. I am young and have not developed strong political beliefs.

The third test that I took can be found HERE

This test classified me as a left- moderate or left-centrist. This means I hold slightly democratic and liberal views, but am not a stead fast democrat. This is similar to what my first test told me.

I huess from all of this testing, I identify myself with neither party, but definitely have a Democratic and liberal lean on most political issues.

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