Texans After Week 4

What else could have gone wrong for the Texans in the fourth quarter against the Seattle Seahawks this past Sunday? Sundays game started with the Texans dominating the Seattle Seahawks  for the entire first half. After letting a long run by Marshawn Lynch early, later on allowing three points, the Texans would not allow the Seahawks to go anywhere for the rest of the first half. The Texans completely shutdown the Seattle offense forcing three and outs on a regular basis. The offense was steady with efficient play from all its players. Due to stellar first half play from Garret Graham, Arian Foster and Matt Schaub, the Texans were rolling putting up 20 points.


Unfortunately for the Texans this was a tale of two half’s. The Defense would continue to stop the Seahawks in the third, but after Ben Tate fumbled the ball on the Texans side of the field the Seahawks would be in range for a field goal and they would go on to make it. Now with a two possession game on their hands the Texans offense would have to put the game away, but managed to get no where on offense for the rest of the game. The biggest blow for the Texans was inside linebacker Brian Cushing going out with a concussion.  With Cushing out the effects were obvious and due to some miraculous plays by the Seahawks QB Russel Wilson and one particular catch by receiver Doug Baldwin, the Seahawks managed to sustain a drive to get a touchdown. With a one possession game the Texans would have the ball on the Seahawks side of the field, but QB Matt Schaub made what was his third game in a row with a pick 6. Schaub was being blitzed with the safety about to get him, so he would then decide throw the ball of his back foot and the pass would be picked off by Richard Sherman and returned for a touchdown.


The game would be forced into overtime and it would start out with the punting game. About midway through the Texans would have back to back questionable penalties that ended up costing about 35 yards. Kicker Steven Hauschka kicked the game winning field goal and the Seahawks would go onto win 23 to 20. This game was as heartbreaking as it gets for the Texans who will now have to travel on the road for a Sunday Night matchup Against the San Francisco 49ers for week 5.


The 49ers at 2 and 2 have had their own struggles this season, but look to get a win at home against another competitive team. The Texans are facing a defense that is banged up a little, but still has talent all around and won’t be an easy task to go up against. On offense the 49ers have QB Colin Kapernick who’s a dual threat player the Texans might have a hard time containing. The 49ers offense is run oriented and they like to pound the ball with RB Frank Gore. From a passing standpoint the Texans will need to cover reciever Anquan Boldin and Tight End Vernon Davis. San Francisco is still the defending NFC Champs and this should be a could match up between  two teams looking for their playoff forms.

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