State Once Again


By: Ixchel Perez

Previously,  I spoke about the huge love that I have for wrestling. I have been practicing the sport for two years now. My first year as a wrestler, I had no idea what the sport was about or why people even liked the sport. I gave it a try because I wanted to try something new. As the weeks passed by I begin to secretly grow a love for the sport. I won most of my matches, I hardly lost. I made it to state my first year with a record of 11-6.

My love for the sport increased at a very fast speed, I even changed many things in my living style. This year I wanted to make it to state one more time. I was determined and dedicated my time and energy in the sport. As this years captain, I wanted for my team to have an amazing season. My main goal was to have at least half of the team make it to state this year, sadly that did not happen. Only two people made it. My friend and I.

When I was receiving my awards, I felt complete. My biggest dream came true which was making it to state for the second time in a row. I was very happy to know that all my hard work was paying off. This year I made it to state with the record of 15-4.

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