Cost of living comparison Between Texas and New York

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Believe it or not, the cost of renting an apartment in Texas is cheaper then an apartment in New York.

Looking into data trends and luxury expenses, The Average New Yorker is most likely to spend more in renting a home than the average Texan.

According from research of New Yorks rent data as of January,2015, the average apartment cost within 10 miles of New York , NY is $3129.

Take it or leave it. But the estimate cost of a one bedroom apartment in New York is a minimum of $2801. Quite expensive for a 500 square feet apartment I believe.

In the other side of the country we find the state of Texas.

The lone star state has a more decent living price and a much more better square unit.

The rent prices in the state of  New York are 93.59% higher  than anywhere in the state of Texas.

For example the average apartment rent within 10 miles of Houston, Tx is $1461 with a sqft of 989 Sq.Ft.

Now lets summarize your spending .You would need around $6,790.20 in New York to maintain the same standard of life that you have with $4,400 in the state of Texas.

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