go to these guys By: Jezai Thomas-Arnicposter_from_postermywall脜戮ov脙陆 Today we delivered SING-A-GRAMS! Sing-a-grams are the choir’s annual Valentine’s special. We sell a combination of a song, candy, card and/or flowers. We deliver them to your special someone in front of their whole class.

The recipients were so happy! Some girls started crying and boys blushed their faces off.

I must say our sing-a-grams were on POINT  this year. Tony, Orleis, Darien, Pablo and I harmonized most of the songs and the classes were mesmerized. two of the teachers we sang to cried.

Halfway through, the football players decided they wanted to deliver their own sing-a-grams to the administrators. Since they’re all dressed up for their banquet today, they looked really official. Even more official than us! We probably should have dressed alike.

Jezai Thomas-Arnic

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