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College Fever

By: Kayla Sturdevant

One of the most important decisions in life is deciding to go to college and where to go.
Three recent Houston graduates, Silvia Pera, Sabrina Katz and Christy Vanderwater, visited their hometown and came back with a variety of experiences and lots of advice to share.
“We all went to Carneige Vanguard High School together,” Vanderwater said with a smile.
Now, Vanderwater is a Journalism major at the University of Texas, Pera is a Political Science major at Wellesley College in Massachusetts and Katz is an Advertising major at Boston University.
When asked what was most shocking to them upon arriving at their respective campuses, the trio was quick to respond. 
“For me, it was the size. UT has like 40,000 undergraduate students so I knew it was big but I didn’t know it was that big,” Vanderwater said.
Katz said that she was surprised how much free time they have and that they don’t spend that much time in class. She also added that in that free time you can get a job or join some extracurricular activities. The three girls unanimously stated they don’t regret moving far away but Katz does miss food other than the food in the dining hall. 
“It’s cold all the time, like freezing,” Pera said.
When asked what they would’ve done to better prepare them for University, the girls had a few things in mind.
“I would’ve worked harder my senior year,” Vaderwater explained. “…especially Spring Semester.”
Katz said she wished she would have made more connections with her professors for recommendation letters and Pera wished she would not have made a C in Economics. 
“When I was going through the application process, I never thought of BU prior to that. But when I was selecting a college, I went up to visit and I liked it.”
Looking back on their high school careers, Pera has some advice for students interested in college.
“Don’t rule out any options without having considered them… …If you’re thinking only in- state schools, there are like over 4,000 institutions of higher learning.I feel like staying so close to home you’re not able to learn different view points of different people because it’s all the same people you grew up around.”
Katz definitely agreed, while Vanderwater emphasized not going to a college just because your friends are going there. 
All of this is really important to remember when choosing a college, they advised.
From Left to Right: Silvia Pera, Christy Vanderwater, Sabrina Katz

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