Wrong assumptions, Home Alone 3 and other randomness

Today is Friday. And Fridays for me usually aren’t fun.

I mean, sitting in a classroom doing nothing at all is really boring, considering that I could be sitting on my couch at home watching movies like Home Alone 3 instead (which, for the record, is what I’m doing right now.) On Fridays, I’m too busy waiting for the bell to ring at 3:45 so I can get home and relax.

Today was interesting enough though. I guess that on Fridays, you never know what you’re going to get. Interviewing Terry Grier, going to lunch, and working on what I love was a lot of fun. I shouldn’t assume that a day is going to be boring just because I don’t have the patience to get through it.

We should END the assumptions that go along with Fridays, because for the good or the bad, they are sometimes wrong.

Christine Vanderwater

Christine Vanderwater is a senior at Carnegie Vanguard High School. Besides being co-editor of the Chronicle Insight's print publication, she is a short story writer, novelist, blogger and poet and is on the newspaper staff at her high school.

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