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Nicki Minaj helps pay for college This past weekend rapper NIcki Minaj had posted a tweet that sparked interest of many indebted college students in the U.S. She called out on twitter asked for proof of straight A's from students in exchange for some money to help with college tuition. 19404

National chocolate chip day!

On May 15th, we recognize a morsel of a thing.  It’s National Chocolate Chip Day! Today chocolate chips are used in a variety of baking methods from sweet to savory.  Had Ruth Graves Wakefield never wondered what a few chopped up chunks of chocolate would be like in her baking,

The jacket of the future

Have you ever wanted to look good in a stylish jacket in the heat of the Houston sun or want to charge your phone and tablet any where you go? Well they have created a jacket for just that called the "Back To The Future Jacket". 19393

What to wear for graduation day ?

  Not a lot of people really put any thought into what they want there graduation attire to be  until a few days before. Believe it or not its a hard task to keep up with the top trends and be appropriate and as comfortable as possible. So here are some

Penn State’s fatal hazing

  Timothy Piazza, a is young man who was seeking to further his collegiate experience in hopes of joining a fraternity at Penn State was unfortunately cut short by him losing his life due to hazing. His death initially was ruled as an accident. But the grand jury took a closer

Mother’s Day Blues

With Mother's Day just a few days away, I'm really lost on what to do and give my mom. My mom deserves the world, but sadly she can not get just that. Throughout the years, I have given her jewelry, clothes, flowers, money, taken her out to her favorite places and

Fights break out after flight cancellations

On Monday night videos surfaced on social media showing passengers screaming at each other, pushing and fighting with law-enforcement officers at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport due to the cancellation of several flights The airline company, Spirit, blamed the Air Line Pilots Association for an “illegal work slowdown” that prompted 300 cancellations and

The end is near.

WHAT. THE. HECK. IT. IS MAY. I GRADUATE IN THREE WEEKS. THERE ARE 17 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL LEFT. Where did the time go?? I swear it was just September and I was at Beyonce's Formation World Tour to celebrate my birthday. It was just October and I was at Chance the Rapper's Coloring

Senior Jitters

So, I will admit, I'm a very busy person. I work multiple jobs, take AP courses, work the soundboard at church, am an officer in ROTC, and volunteer. On top of that, I rarely say no to invites to events or more work. But now, senior year has hit me