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Sleep Is For People Who Need It

where to buy provigil in south africa How does one know when they've developed insomnia? Is it the sleepless nights? Or is this the thoughts that entertain your mind while you shuffle your face in your pillow from side to side? How is it possible for someone who wakes up so early to experience such late nights? I guess you

Why Is Getting A Job So Difficult?

Like any other second semester senior, I am in full out apathy mode. It's sad for me to admit that I care more about going out to brunch with friends than finishing my school work. However, I don't see why this is a bad thing? I've worked hard for four years straight, suffering

Thankful for the Roller Coaster of Life

Sometime's it's weird to me how things work out. At one moment a situation may seem like it's going completely downhill, and then turns entirely around in the next. I'm not sure if it's a higher power at work, or if it's pure luck--but my life has a special way of keeping

Thankful for Fashion

Needless to say, one of the things that I'm most thankful this Thanksgiving holiday is Fashion! Many people think that the way I dress is solely to make a statement or to be noticed. The truth is, my fashion is my method of expressing myself. The versatility of my closet is a

Top 10 celebrity Halloween costumes of 2013

Check out the top 10 celebrity costumes as they celebrate Halloween in 2013. Who was your favorite?  

Is ‘Carrie’ scary enough for you?

Everyone from 7 year-olds to 70 year-olds have been flocking to the nearest movie theater to see the newest highly talked about horror movie Carrie. The film, a reproduction of the 1976 film and the 1974 novel by Stephen King of the same name, follows the life of Carrie White as

Nicki Minaj Debuts New Clothing Line At Kmart

American Idol, Pepsi, movies, fragrances–what can't the reigning queen of hip-hop do? To say that Nicki Minaj doesn't dabble in everything she can stick her stilettos in would be an understatement. With each endorsement she partakes in, her branding skills as a businesswoman radiates. Fans across the world have been awaiting the launch of

Sweater Weather

I love everything about the fall. Aside from winter, it's probably one of my most beloved seasons of the year. There's just something about the cold weather that inspires me creatively. I mean, who wouldn't enjoy lifting up your window to let the cool breeze flow throughout your room while you finish

What Now?

So you're in a rush. It's 6:25 in the morning and your scheduled bus pick-up time is 6:30. You have yet to finish your daily morning routine and time is slowly slipping out of your favor. You're currently running around your bedroom, toothbrush in hand, scrambling to put on a pair

A Quick Recovery

We've all had those days that we look at the outfit we're wearing and realize that it may have looked better in the bathroom lighting at your house than in public. The question is: how do we recover from wearing an outfit we should have left hanging in the furthest

Alexander Wang Brings the Streets of New York to High Fashion

From the misty streets of London to the sunny hills of California, hundreds of trend setters flock to the Big Apple around this time every year to rejoice in the one thing that can bring them together: fashion. It's every little boy/girl's dream to one day experience in person what it's