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Scalp moisture

Tip #3: Scalp moisture! Moisture isn’t just important for your strands. It’s important for your scalp, too! Having a dry, itchy, or flaky scalp is a no-no. If you suffer from an itchy scalp, try switching up your shampoo. Maybe a shampoo with tea tree oil would work best for you. If

Stay hydrated

Here's tip #2: Hydration! One of the most important things to remember for keeping your hair healthy is moisture! There are plenty of different methods and products to use to keep your strands hydrated and healthy. My all-time favorite hair moisturizer is Shea Butter. I purchase my raw, organic, ivory shea

Protective styling

Want to grow your hair but not exactly sure how? Or maybe you’ve tried multiple things but nothing really seemed to work out. No matter what it is that’s keeping you from getting the long, healthy strands you desire, I am here with five tips to help you achieve maximum

Fellini Gelato & Caffe Review

The sleek floors, captivating décor, and Italian imported furniture can be a mesmerizing experience when walking through the glass doors of Fellini Gelato & Caffe. Located at 794 Sorella Court, Fellini & Gelato Caffe  resides inside the upscale CityCentre, and is the perfect place to go for a morning coffee, afternoon stroll, or night out with friends. Fellini Gelato & Caffe prides

Teen Mom Stereotype? I Don’t Know Her.

Media has fostered the creation of the teen parent stereotype. It is one defining these individuals as incapable of taking care of their children and doomed for failure. This is a stereotype that 16-year-old Estrella Alvarez is defying every day. Unlike other freshmen at HISD’s High School for Law and Justice, who

Gelato Cup: Italian ice cream review

Do you remember laughing children running behind the ice cream truck that would go around the neighborhood? Almost everyday around the same time you would hear the ice cream medley that would make everyone run outside with excitement. We all love the fact that ice cream can take you to

We went to the Halsey concert

So Miracle and I went to another concert. This time we didn’t go to review it officially. While I was supposed to be going to have a good time with my friends and taking a break from work, I couldn’t help but making mental notes about how I felt of

The Future of Majic 102.1

Whether it be Friday night or even Sunday morning, I cannot remember a single day in my life going by without me listening to Majic 102.1. Anyone attempting to argue against its excellence would be mercilessly countered with the laughter that is the Tom Joyner Morning Show, the essence that

Houston Korean cultural festival

The Houston Korean Cultural festival is truly an amazing event. This festival has been celebrated for about nine years now. Every year around the month of October, hundreds of people join to celebrate Korean culture. This year, the event took place on Saturday, October 21, 2017 at the Houston Discovery

My China Experience

  As a senior at Houston Academy for International Studies, I been studying Chinese for at least 4 years now and currently enrolled in AP Chinese, I found that traveling to China for an immersion program, which improved my Chinese speaking and understanding abilities. As an Asian-American, I thought that I