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Gaming maintaining modern attention

Want to be a fantastic mayor of an adorable city? Pick up Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Want to capture insane monsters with elemental powers in augmented reality? Pick up your smartphone and download Pokemon Go. Case in point, video games are an outlet for modern expressionism, in both designing the game and playing it. For

The most humanistic gesture for another life.

Image Source Humans are instinctive by nature, driven by primitive wants and needs. That is the reason for war, genocide and social disorder. However, among all the recent explosive news, there is still hope among the human race.  It was born through saving the life of a common goldfish. In the

MAC Cosmetics Disrespects Native Culture

MAC Cosmetics just released the information for their summer "Vibe Tribe" makeup collection. The models representing the product are dressed in Navajo inspired clothing . This cultural appropriation has sparked controversy. Is Mac Cosmetics wrong to culturally appropriate? The problem with cultural appropriation is that it steals from a culture before

Reputation Over Rape ?

By: Lorenzo Moore Despite public beliefs, there are many sexual assault cases in the United States ranging from child molestation to rape. These cases can literally occur anywhere at any place. Luckily we live in a country where the law and its enforcers crack down on this illegal activity and leave

A Power Wash for my Soul

By Ella Robertson The past few weeks have not been the greatest of my life; I've dealt with drama, the death of my good friend's mother, and on top of that, I've been forced to juggle work, school, and worries about college. Attempting to do everything at once has left me with

Where are the seat belts?

By Alexis Medrano Earlier today two high school students lost their lives in a bus accident. One was a 17 year old student from REACH Charter and a 14 year old from Furr High School. HISD has not yet released the names of the students who were killed or the names of

Juice fasting – is it a good dieting option?

When first making the choice to diet and lose weight, most have no clue where to start. So, they do the logical thing and turn to google for answers. If you search weight loss in Google, most of the results will pertain to, in some way, losing weight in the quickest

True Story Screening

By: Kayla Sturdevant Jonah Hill and James Franco usually make movies that make you laugh until you cry, but this film showed that the two actors can take on some serious roles as well. Being a huge fan, it was hard to take the actors seriously at first. However, the story line

Selma POV

By: Jaliyyah Hodge “Selma” isn’t a documentary about how Martin Luther King Jr led the Alabama marches. This movie is about the people of Selma, Alabama and their struggle. It is common to most people that the movie will tug on your heartstrings. Yes, Dr. King is the central protagonist of

Rice Ray Termination

By: Keondre Osborne The National Football League commissioner was all over the place with the handling of the Ray Rice story. First, the commissioner gave Mr. Rice too light of a punishment. Then the N.F.L. office, as well as the commissioner, couldn't take the public criticism about the way Rice was punished. Then Rice's wife, Janay

Cloudbase Prime [Alpha] Review

Tyrus Peace, a game developer no one has heard of before, got his new game featured on Neogaf's popular Indie Games thread in March 2014. It definitely has a lot of possibility for creative development when it gets out of alpha. Premise Cloudbase Prime is a game about a protagonist who is

“12 Years a Slave” Wins Best Picture and “Gravity” Takes Home Seven Awards at the 2014 Oscars

What a night at the 2014 Oscar's. Ellen DeGeneres was sublime as the host with her witty humor and crazy randomness. The stars were in full force and, as always, the best movies were rewarded with an Oscar. The most Oscar studded movie this year was undoubtedly "Gravity." Sandra Bullock's nightmare in

My Top Five Favorite Games of 2013

2013 was, in many ways, a year of refinement and introspection for video games. Last year saw the release of some groundbreaking works such as The Stanley Parable and Papers, Please, but even they focused on finding different uses for game mechanics that have existed for decades, rather than inventing new