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Ditch UberEATS

In today's world no one wants to actually get up, start your car and buy food. Who actually wants to change out of their soft pj's and put on skinny jeans? Not me. Which is exactly why the popular companies like UberEATS and GrubHub are in the spotlight! Now is

Let’s keep Houston clean post Super Bowl LI

Turn to another major sporting event, 2016 Rio Olympics and the similarities of city-wide development between Houston and Rio are uncanny. It’s almost formulaic, a significant sporting event comes to a city that is lackluster in terms of development. Houston rapidly develops by accelerating construction and removing “unsightly” things from the city

Racism is becoming stylish again

“Nazis are bad” should be a completely uncontroversial opinion. The National Socialist German Workers’  Party, or Nazi party, was responsible for the genocide of about 11 million people during WWII, six million of which were Jewish. When someone is responsible for killing 11 million people, they should be able to be called

It’s Day 13

And no, i'm not talking about Friday the 13th or any other thirteen-day-related idiosyncrasies. It's day 13 of the Trump administration and quite frankly, I am exhausted.  Since Trump was elected, he has been sued more than 30 times. At least three attorney generals have sued on the behalf of their respective states

A presidential message of hope

If you haven’t seen the farewell speech from Mr. Obama, then click here to view it. Last night under the Chicago sky, President Obama gave his farewell speech that left the American public with a faint sense of hope for the next four years. As a senior, it’s hard to imagine not

A spring of scholarships

The final wave of college applications has come and gone for a majority of schools with deadlines that started as early as October 1st and concluding admission on January 1st. However, even though applications are submitted, there are still a massive amount of scholarships and funding that must be incorporated before

Gaming maintaining modern attention

Want to be a fantastic mayor of an adorable city? Pick up Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Want to capture insane monsters with elemental powers in augmented reality? Pick up your smartphone and download Pokemon Go. Case in point, video games are an outlet for modern expressionism, in both designing the game and playing it. For

The most humanistic gesture for another life.

Image Source Humans are instinctive by nature, driven by primitive wants and needs. That is the reason for war, genocide and social disorder. However, among all the recent explosive news, there is still hope among the human race.  It was born through saving the life of a common goldfish. In the