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Raspberry Discovers Crazy Ants

go to site By Silvia Pera CARNEGIE VANGUARD HIGH SCHOOL Tom Rasberry, a local pest control specialist, has dedicated much of his career to preventing the spread of a species of ants he himself discovered in 2002. “The first time I saw them I wasn’t really suspicious. The second time I saw them, it went from

Student Safety in Schools

Recently six year old Hunter Yelton made the news because he was suspended for the sexual harassment of a girl in his class in Colorado. It caused a very big controversy and made headlines all across America. However, it was difficult to make judgments because not very many people knew

Wendy Davis taking Texas by the Horns

Democratic hero Wendy Davis is shaping up to be the first formidable Democratic contender in the 2014 Texas gubernatorial race and the first serious Democratic candidate in years. Davis was just another Texas Senator until she famously filibustered the passage of a heavily pro-life abortion bill for 11 hours during the

Teenager Recovering after Gunshots to Head/Leg

Stephon Vaughns CARNEGIE VANGUARD HIGH SCHOOL While most 18-year-olds are planning their futures as they prepare for the transition into college, Sharpstown High School senior Christianna Johnson is busy recovering as she survives from a life threatening gunshot to her head and leg. Just a couple of days after Christmas and the day

Houston ISD Launches PowerUp Initiative

By Jacob Murphy MADISON HIGH SCHOOL The Houston Independent School District (HISD) has launched the new PowerUp program, which, once fully implemented, will allow every student from 11 different schools to receive a laptop. The high schools that were selected to the program are Austin, Bellaire, Chavez, The Energy Institute, Kashmere, Lee, Madison,

Fans who jump on the bandwagon

By Jacob Murphy Fans are what drive sports. For most sports leagues, it’s a business affair and what drives their business is the fans. In these leagues, there are teams and each team has their own fans. Usually based on how many fans one team has will determine how much revenue that