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Houston Hockey

By: Kayla Sturdevant Houston represents itself through sports teams like the Texans, Astros, and Rockets. But what about people who love the ice? Although they did not reign very popular, the Houston Aeros proudly represented the Houston area in the American Hockey League. Although it resembles a minor league when compared to

Police and Locals Come Together to Save Rare A Reptile

     An act of kindness can go a very long way, especially  in these times of police brutality, young deaths and distrust between officers and the people. On Sunday, September 27 police responded to a report about a large albino tortoise traveling  along the 3800 block of Wentworth St. Houston TX.    

Houstonians 9/11 Experience

By Kayla Sturdevant On a gloomy day in Houston, everyday people have their own experiences they recall from 14 years ago. Waiting for the bus, Sonia remembers being at work when the attack happened. Rasmane who works at The Lancaster remembers being a 10 year old boy. When someone mentions the day, he

Far from the Madding Crowd review

By: Cristian Moralez In Victorian England around the 18th century an independent and firm minded, Bathsheba Everdene attacks three different men which like in many love and passion stories falls victim of the bad and misleading passions. For many romantic and passionate viewers, this movie will fit the shoe. Far from the

Ellington The Great

By: Heaven Lee Murphy WORTHING HIGH      Ellington Colley is a senior at Evan E. Worthing High School and the founder of Worthing Voices of Praise. Colley possesses a vocal gift of music which he shares with his fellow students.      When asked to describe Colley’s voice, his peers gave an array of

Basketball player works through injury

By: Jarvis Dillard Sweating from a hard afternoon of practice, one could not tell that just a month ago, Joi Simmons couldn’t play basketball. For athletes, an injury can be a stumbling block for their career and can possibly end that career. To Simmons, it was an eye opener. As a young

Bellaire hosts first student run dance

By: Helen Lu Girls take charge in Bellaire’s first student-run Sadie Hawkins dance. This year’s student council decided to say goodbye to the Bellaire talent show and to welcome a new dance to excite the student body. Administrators, at first, immediately declined the request for student council to manage an entire dance. Nonetheless,

College Fever

By: Kayla Sturdevant One of the most important decisions in life is deciding to go to college and where to go. Three recent Houston graduates, Silvia Pera, Sabrina Katz and Christy Vanderwater, visited their hometown and came back with a variety of experiences and lots of advice to share. "We all went to

By: Elisabeth Gray Carnegie Vanguard High High School In the hopes to create a brighter future, high school students are getting involved with government and taking action in the Junior Statesmen Association by engaging in political events such as conventions and debates.  “We have two conferences in Texas every year,” head of JSA

By: Laila McCutcheon Carnegie Vanguard High School   As a senior in high school, the transition from a child to an adult is almost complete- legally anyways. At 15, we get permits and at 16 drivers licenses. This freedom and responsibility is our test but we still have our parents as our training wheels. As

By: Ixchel Perez Lee High School   The students groan as their phones are taken away 30 minutes before they arrived to the YoungLife camp. The YoungLife head leaders want students to not have access to their phones because camp is for students to enjoy the beauty of nature and learn how to

Cindy Wakiyama Lee High School   Lee High School student Diana Alas created the club “Super Buddies” to connect mainstream students and special needs students of the school. Since the special needs’ classrooms are located in a separate wing of the school, Alas thought of the club as an opportunity to unite everyone in

Police Brutality

Caleb Richard Worthing High School   Police are put here to protect and serve the people but when most individuals come in contact with the police they get paranoid. Well considering the recent events that have involved the police I understand why many dislike/fear the authorities. The Eric Garner epidemic in Staten Island has brought consciousness

Renaissance Festival 2014

By: Maria Ramirez The festival took place in Todd Mission, TX  and started in 1974. There is a event, item, and food, for ALL kinds of people out there. Some of those whom have attended before have seen the attire that is admired, and decided to follow it and came in similar