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Best and Worst Dressed Women of The Golden Globes 2014

You have to go through the storm before you get to see the rainbow right? So, let's dive right into the worst looks of the night. Zoë Saldana in a Prabal Gurung dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, Bottega Veneta clutch, and Lorraine Schwartz jewels. Being so absolutely stunning in any other occasion, perhaps

Prom Is Approaching Too Soon

So recently, as in over the winter break, I picked up knitting as a method of keeping my mind off of daily stresses that plague me as a high school senior. However, being that I have just lost one of my knitting needles, my mind has felt free to unleash

New Frontier: Goodwill

By: Helen Lu After getting a part time job and realizing that my parents expected me to buy my own things now, I needed a way to get things cheap. So I turned off my iPod which had ‘Thrift Shop’ on replay, put twenty dollars in my pocket and started hunting,

Top 10 celebrity Halloween costumes of 2013

Check out the top 10 celebrity costumes as they celebrate Halloween in 2013. Who was your favorite?  

Color Me Pink

By Christine Vanderwater Out of all of the things people say about me, one of the comments that I hear most often is, “Wow, you are wearing a lot of pink today!” or “Why do you always wear so much pink?” It is not something done consciously. I just happen to have

How Much Is in a Name?

By: Helen Lu The little luxuries in life are certainly extremely valuable, but for some reason when a name brand is attached, that value is multiplied. Through a lucky circumstance I was able to win two bottles of Michael Kors nail lacquer. Super excited, I anticipated a perfect nail polish with a

Nicki Minaj Debuts New Clothing Line At Kmart

American Idol, Pepsi, movies, fragrances–what can't the reigning queen of hip-hop do? To say that Nicki Minaj doesn't dabble in everything she can stick her stilettos in would be an understatement. With each endorsement she partakes in, her branding skills as a businesswoman radiates. Fans across the world have been awaiting the launch of

What Now?

So you're in a rush. It's 6:25 in the morning and your scheduled bus pick-up time is 6:30. You have yet to finish your daily morning routine and time is slowly slipping out of your favor. You're currently running around your bedroom, toothbrush in hand, scrambling to put on a pair

A Quick Recovery

We've all had those days that we look at the outfit we're wearing and realize that it may have looked better in the bathroom lighting at your house than in public. The question is: how do we recover from wearing an outfit we should have left hanging in the furthest

Alexander Wang Brings the Streets of New York to High Fashion

From the misty streets of London to the sunny hills of California, hundreds of trend setters flock to the Big Apple around this time every year to rejoice in the one thing that can bring them together: fashion. It's every little boy/girl's dream to one day experience in person what it's

Teen’s caregiver now needs care

By Taylor Richards WORTHING HIGH SCHOOL For 18-year-old Chaquette Blanks, life had always been family oriented; growing up with her mother, grandmother and older brother. She recalls walking to the park with her brother and grandmother; and how on many occasions, it would be her grandmother who took care of her.  “When I was

By giving, teen finds that he also receives

By Zara Khan BELLAIRE HIGH SCHOOL While many students spent their holidays shopping and unwrapping gifts, high school senior Alexander Chu was at the Chung Tai Zen Center in Houston. Chu was immersed in a seven-day meditation program that had an estimated forty participants.  His duties at the Buddhist temple were primarily in

Critical Mass proves where there’s 2 wheels, there’s a way

By Adan Huang BELLAIRE HIGH SCHOOL Every last Friday night of the month, motorists near the Market Square Park in downtown Houston encounter a large crowd of bicyclists consisting of students, retirees, professionals, parents and friends. This enthusiastic crowd is anxiously awaiting the start of its journey. This is known as “Critical Mass,” a

More women enrolling in handgun classes

  By Jonathan Johnson YATES HIGH SCHOOL Women – hailed as the ultimate creators of life. These creators are considered delicate, fragile, and easy to prey on…but that is changing. Many women are fighting back and arming themselves to do battle. With a rise in violent crimes against women, the sudden increase in women