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Students learn basic lesson in economics

A lesson in economics has turned into a money-making venture for a Madison High School duo. Elsy Rodriguez,18, and Keyli Cartajena, 17, said they never thought about starting a business until they were in Pauline Scott-Bradford’s Economics class. They were given a month-long project and decided to take it a step

Spoken word offers voice to the voiceless

A tiny little theater on White Oak Drive... Hot, bright lights. Old school rap and R&B banging and pouring from well-loved speakers with poets, rappers, artists and laity-alike chanting, laughing along to the beat. The Shout is an organization and idea of many facets. It isn’t quite a slam, though it gives

“Sounds Live Feels Live” 5 Seconds Of Summer 2016 world tour

  5 Seconds Of Summer ended the U.S leg of their 2016 world tour in Houston, Texas September 18th, at the Cynthia Mitchell Woodlands Pavilion and it defiantly was one to remember. Roy English kicked off the concert Sunday with a bang! The charisma he exuded while working the crowd with each song

Home emerged from the ashes

  At 93 she was an aspired young women.  She had a world of opportunity ahead of her. But on September 11th, 2001, her life would end along with the American dream and social innocence. He was new to the world. He could barely stand and he was just as innocent as

Natural disaster- Possibly solving for Global Warming

Breaking News: Scientist say that the Pavlof Volcanic eruption in Alaska's Aleutian Islands, that occurred Sunday afternoon, could potentially block out the Sun. If the sun was blocked out then the earth would cool down, essentially reducing Global Warming. The eruption sent volcanic ash 20,000 feet into the air and caused minor

Searching for a prom dress?

Senior year of high school is stressful. Senior year, in essence, is the locked door to adult hood because of the important decisions that need to be made. Prom is an important senior decision. As prom approaches, the need for a perfect dress has become crucial. Three main issues with finding a

The Danish Girl Movie Review

By Ella Robertson It's common to hear "don't judge a book by its cover," but seldom is it said not to judge a movie by its opening scene. Within the first few minutes of The Danish Girl, I was taken aback by its excellent cinematography and beautiful portrayal of the landscape,

At the opening tip.

By: Lorenzo Moore At the opening tip, he is motivated to gain control of the ball. With the support of his teammates, family and friends, nothing can stop this vicious ball playing machine. All around him, the players are competitive, the situation is intense. Except, this player only has one arm to compete with. Meet

Spooky Scary

By: Kayla Sturdevant Kemah Boardwalk annually hosts their haunted house called the Dungeon of Doom. The maze would have been seen as just fine if it weren't for the terrifying actors. Walking through, the decorations were the finest of their kinds but not terribly scary. The part that sent shivers down the

Wings Over Houston

By: Kayla Sturdevant October 17th and 18th an air show came to Houston. Ellington Airport consisted of airplane fanatics lined up in their cars to see the show. Along with myself, many people volunteered to help direct parking. People gathered around every corner to see the planes in action. Reenactments and tricks covered

Houstonians Weigh in on 9/11

By Ella Robertson The date September 11th, 2001 evokes intense emotions from a wide array of American citizens. Many lost their loved ones or feelings of safety, however some gained feelings of patriotism through mourning this day. Fourteen years later, this date continues to hold a profound place in the memories of