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13 people dead in tour bus accident

On October 23, 2016, a tour bus coming from a casino crashed into a tractor trailer near Palm Springs, California. There were 31 people injured and 13 killed. Some injuries were pronounced minor and some major. The bus traveling at a high speed caused the truck to enter 15 feet

Josh Brown, NFL Giants kicker admits to domestic abuse

Josh Brown was suspended by the NFL based on allegations of domestic abuse. Now, new evidence from a sheriff's investigation show evidence that Brown admitted to assaulting his wife. The league has yet to take any action, but are investigating further in this matter. See link for further details.  

Cherokee Nation Helps with Infrastructure

The Cherokee Nation has taken action in Delaware County, by fixing four neglected bridges on Kenwood Road. These fixed bridges creates a safer environment for drivers. The bridges were completed by using $5.6 million from the tribal transportation program budget. “Keeping a strong partnership with Delaware County officials to improve

Storm shuts down Houston

By Juan Palomo Although the heavy rain brought in late Sunday night has caused many Houston and neighboring Houston residents to stay indoors, others are still outside. Whether it is to rescue people and animals or grabbing some Whataburger for your mother, Houston residents show their (and others) journey in photos shared

Two Different Stories for Will Smith’s Death

By Kayla Sturdevant Former Saints' player, Will Smith, was killed April 9th by Cardell Hayes. Hayes originally claimed it was self defense but the lawyer representing Smith proposes another side of the incident. Will Smith and his wife Raquel were driving when Hayes' car stopped in front of theirs. After Smith saw

China bans April Fools’ day

April Fools' day aka All Fools’ Day, has been celebrated by many cultures over the past centuries. Many countries love this playful day while others do not, such as china. China has recently banned the holiday. "The so-called Western April Fool's Day does not conform to Chinese cultural traditions or socialist

When A Prank Goes Too Far

By Simone Collins Most people know the old saying "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt." However, due to a trending prank this saying is being taken to a whole new level. Swatting is when someone takes your personal information such as home address or current location and uses it to

Former Bellaire High School student shot to death due to failed robbery

By Ana Hernandez A former Bellaire student was shot 19-year-old Peter Mielke was shot to death Sunday night. 19-year-old Peter Mielke was covering a coworkers shift Sunday at the Reginelli’s Pizzeria when, according to detectives, an African American male walked into the Pizzeria and demanded Mielke to open a cash register. When