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Trump: An Era of Severed Relationships

If there is one thing that can tear a friendship apart, it’s one question: What do you believe? Whether people want to accept it or not, beliefs, be they political or ethical, are partially the foundation of every relationship. Some choose not to voice them in fear of offending or insulting

Teen Mom Stereotype? I Don’t Know Her.

Media has fostered the creation of the teen parent stereotype. It is one defining these individuals as incapable of taking care of their children and doomed for failure. This is a stereotype that 16-year-old Estrella Alvarez is defying every day. Unlike other freshmen at HISD’s High School for Law and Justice, who

The Future of Majic 102.1

Whether it be Friday night or even Sunday morning, I cannot remember a single day in my life going by without me listening to Majic 102.1. Anyone attempting to argue against its excellence would be mercilessly countered with the laughter that is the Tom Joyner Morning Show, the essence that