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2016 Holiday Events in Houston

Although this is the last month in the year, the celebrations have just begun. If you live in the Houston area here are some holiday  events you can attend and bring guests as well. ICE LAND: Ice Sculpture, A Caribbean Christmas! Talented carvers transforms blocks of ice into wonderful sculptures. The theme

Things to do in November in the Houston area

The month of November is finally here! Why wait until Thanksgiving to celebrate and have fun when Houston is filled with fun activities all month long. Here are 4 events you can attend with your family and friends. H-E-B Movie Night - The Good Dinosaur Movie Night at Discovery Green all is

5 ways to spend your Halloween night

If you don't plan on going trick-or-treating this year, then here are 5 fun ways you can spend your night around the Houston area. Go to a local haunted house: There are a variety of haunted houses such as: Phobia Haunted Houses, Houston Scream Fest, Nightmare on the Bayou, Houston

Tasty treats for Halloween

If you don't go trick-or-treating this year but still don't want to miss out on all the fun and candy, here are some ideas for tasty treats.   No-Bake Candy Corn Cereal Treats Ingredients: 1/4 cups of butter or margarine 1 bag (10.5 oz) miniature marshmallows (5 1/2 cups) 6 cups of cheerios - lightly crushed 1

Our black lives matter

  I would be lying to you if I were to say you are safe in the United States because you are black and a black cop would have sympathy for you because you're one of his kind and he would spare you a fair warning instead of shooting and killing

A racist snapchat gone viral

Paige Shoemaker a white, blue eyed Kansas State University student has been expelled from school after snap-chatting a photo of herself and a friend wearing a black clay face mask with the caption, "Feels good to finally be a n****"! Shoemaker posted the Snapchat to her story Tuesday night with the

Amazing Grace

Season 11 of Americas Got Talent came to end when a 12 year old ukulele player nailed her encore performance during the finale. Grace Vanderwaal has been Americas fan favorite since she first blew the judges away with her ukulele skills and unique voice. Vanderwaal was judge, Howie Mandel's, Gold