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Santa Fe High School school shooting After the release of Childish Gambino’s viral and influential song named “This is America” which was a song to call for action and acknowledgement of the gun violence in America, specifically to African-American and black communities. Another school shooting occurred today on May 18, 2018, near Houston, Texas at Santa

Volcano erupts in Hawaii

Declared an emergency and prompting mandatory evacuation from surrounding affected areas, Hawaii's Kilauea volcano erupts. All residents in surrounding areas are being forced to evacuate, that's more than 1,700 people. The Red Cross has recently opened shelters for those affected. The eruption happened Thursday evening after hundreds of reported earthquakes

Marielle, PRESENTE!

A city, a country, a world is missing the life of a dear sister. This past Wednesday, March 14th, councilwoman Marielle Franco was shot to death after attending an event for the empowerment of black women. She posted a live video on her Facebook as the event was happening and she made

Clutch Gaming: One of the Most Exciting Teams on the Rift.

(From @ClutchGaming on Twitter) Clutch Gaming Celebrates their 2-0 streak in week 7.

As with all great things in life, I went into LCS this year skeptical. For one, save for the Astros' astonishing win at the world series, the Energy City's never been exactly notable for it's sports team's prowess (I say reluctantly as the teams move closer to victories at new

BLM activist killed

In recent years, the crimes against African-Americans that have been commit by police officers have rose significantly. Last year in 2017, only 14 days of the entire year, out of 365 days where police did not kill someone. To make matters more clear, black individuals or African-Americans are three times

Houston: The Next Juggernaut in E-Sports (Part 1 – Outlaws)

There are no standards by which to call this week a failure for the organization as they continue to promise and talk like the winners we've seen before them. Dressed in a smirk and fresh from a win, Tank player Austin "Muma" Wilmot calls back to a remark by the

Larry Nassar sentenced up to 175 years in prison

Larry Nassar, former Team USA Gymnastics doctor who has been accused of sexually assaulting over 150 young girls, has been sentenced to 175 years in prison earlier today. During the trial that spanned over several days, Nassar wrote to the court for permission to not be in the courtroom while

Toys ‘R’ US closing stores, including one in Houston

Being $5 million in debt, the toy company that once dominated toy sales in the United States filed for bankruptcy protection back in September. Chairman and CEO, Dave Brandon said in a letter that "very tough decisions are being required in order to save Toys R' Us." As well as this, he

Two teens killed at Kentucky school shooting

Over a dozen students were wounded early Tuesday morning at a Kentucky high school. The suspect shooter was a fifteen year old male classmate to the victims. Of the victims, fourteen of them were treated for gunshot wounds, while the other three were not gunshot wound related. One student, a

‘Feminism’ is 2017’s Word of the Year

January 21, 2017: The day after President Trump’s inauguration spills forth the resurgence of a movement. The Women’s March on Washington witnessed worldwide participation in all seven continents, along with the 3.3 million participants in the United States. “Women’s rights are human rights” tags and threads speeches throughout the day and

You must defend the internet!!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is planning on voting to dismantle something will affect majority of people, net neutrality. While might be popping up on every one of your social media feeds, whether it’s from companies such as Google and Amazon or from friends and families. It is something that