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Doug Jones defeats Roy Moore

Last night, all eyes were on Alabama as their special election took place between Doug Jones and Roy Moore as they battled for a seat in the U.S Senate. The special election garnered widespread media coverage due to the scandals and stories that have plagued this election. Republican candidate Roy Moore, quickly

Trump: An Era of Severed Relationships

If there is one thing that can tear a friendship apart, it’s one question: What do you believe? Whether people want to accept it or not, beliefs, be they political or ethical, are partially the foundation of every relationship. Some choose not to voice them in fear of offending or insulting

Fear Us Women

“When I went there I would tell people I’m not going there to kill anyone, I’m going there to help people.” In 2014, Hanna Bohman decided to make a decision that would change the rest of her life. Leaving the safety from her Canada home and after seeing the pain

New EPA admin confirmed by Senate

WASHINGTON-- This Friday Oklahoma state Attorney General Scott Pruitt was approved by the Senate for approval to the position of head of the Environmental Protection Agency. The confirmation comes as a mild surprise, as Pruitt has sued the agency during the Obama administration's time, as well as Democratic push to

It’s Day 13

And no, i'm not talking about Friday the 13th or any other thirteen-day-related idiosyncrasies. It's day 13 of the Trump administration and quite frankly, I am exhausted.  Since Trump was elected, he has been sued more than 30 times. At least three attorney generals have sued on the behalf of their respective states

A presidential message of hope

If you haven’t seen the farewell speech from Mr. Obama, then click here to view it. Last night under the Chicago sky, President Obama gave his farewell speech that left the American public with a faint sense of hope for the next four years. As a senior, it’s hard to imagine not

Protests against Trump

There has become an outbreak of protests sense the election results of the new United States President, Donald Trump. Many have taken the streets to express their upset. In Los Angeles, Seattle, Boston, New York City and many other big cities taking part in the protests. With new terms such as "Not

Surprising guests attend the presidential debate

Once again, the presidential debate made headlines being the final debate leading up to the election. This time around, while Senator Hillary Clinton invited people like her daughter, Donald Trump invited Malik Obama, President Obama's half brother from Kenya. For the full story, visit ABC 13 here: [X]

Beyoncé became apart of 2016 election panel discussion

During a 2016 election panel discussion,  a line from Beyoncé's hit single, Formation, was used by former Lieutenant Governor of New York, Betsy McCaughey,  as an example to compare some of the profanity in hit music today to Donald Trump's profanity in the bus video tape back in 2005. The Beyhive, Beyonce's loyal fans and

Stars from the cast of Empire endorse Hillary Clinton

Influential stars from the newly anticipated television drama for fall 2016 have used their voice to promote and endorse Hillary Clinton. In the new ad, stars ranging from Taraji P. Henson, Tasha Smith, Bryshere Gray, Jussie Smollet, Grace Byers, Trai Byers, Gabourey Sidibe, and producer Lee Daniels are putting their

Clinton regains lead post debate

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has regained her lead over Republican candidate Donald Trump, CNN reports. To read more, follow this link: