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Prince: Dead at 57 Prince, the innovative pop superstar whose songwriting and eccentric stage presence electrified fans around the world with hits including "Purple Rain" and "When Doves Cry" died on Thursday in Minnesota. He was 57. His influential, genre-defying music blended jazz, funk, R&B, disco and rock - winning seven Grammy Awards and an

D.C. On Lockdown!!

By Lorenzo Moore The U.S. Capitol and Federal Police are communicating to staff in the Capitol and federal campus to shelter in place based on a report of gunshots being fired in the Capitol Visitors Centers. Based on the information the White house has already been put on lock-down. The situation has spiked

Window Washers Stranded on Galleria Rooftop

By Lorenzo Moore A few window washers were stranded Monday on their platform outside the 21st floor of a Galleria-area highrise. The incident began unfolding about 12:30 p.m. on San Felipe near Sherbrooke, according to the Houston Fire Department. Officials said the workers lost power on their platform and were unable to raise

Beyoncé coming to Houston ?

The Halftime showings at Superbowl's always on fire and memorable experiences. Ten times out of ten you will draw an awesome experience and that will have your heart racing and your body on the edge of its seat, if not standing or even jumping. But the halftime show for Superbowl 50

It’s National School Board Recognition Month!

January is the month of recognition for school board members! As we celebrate National School Board Recognition Month, we look to our own board members in HISD. What have they done? What have they haven't? There are many hours that go into what they do at the board for all HISD

HISD Tackles Hunger!

Over a dozen of schools in HISD began gathering canned goods and non-perishable food items this week in support of the rally against hunger in partnership with the Super Bowl of Caring. “When I think of hunger, it’s always been in the context of a place far away, like a third-world

Chronicle Classroom settles in after three day weekend

By: Lorenzo Moore- Westbury HS The HISD editorial department classroom is back in action after a three day weekend commemorating the movements of Martin Luther King Jr. and the civil rights. The classroom kicks off the week with a meeting consisting of what is to come in the following weeks, students come

At the opening tip.

By: Lorenzo Moore At the opening tip, he is motivated to gain control of the ball. With the support of his teammates, family and friends, nothing can stop this vicious ball playing machine. All around him, the players are competitive, the situation is intense. Except, this player only has one arm to compete with. Meet

Who’s Paraphernalia ?

By: Lorenzo Moore Just about 1,100 pounds of marijuana left to police in a truck on Friday night in Rosenberg. Police in Rosenberg were attempting to stop a truck that failed to yield at a traffic stop at the Reading Road and the Southwest Freeway. The chase didn't last that long when

Reputation Over Rape ?

By: Lorenzo Moore Despite public beliefs, there are many sexual assault cases in the United States ranging from child molestation to rape. These cases can literally occur anywhere at any place. Luckily we live in a country where the law and its enforcers crack down on this illegal activity and leave

HISD school wins 2015 National Blue Ribbon Award

By: Lorenzo Moore On Tuesday, North Houston Early High School for the first time received the 2015 National Blue Ribbon Award from Arne Duncan- U.S. Department Of Education. Out of 335 schools nationwide and just 25 schools in Texas, North Houston triumphed to the top and received the honor. There is currently