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Houston Dynamo vs DC United Preview

By: Cristian Moralez Looking for the second win in a road, Houston Dynamo will travel to Washington to play against first place Western Conference team DC United. The orange machine will visit DC United after obtaining a 3-0 over Montreal Impact and DC United will try to sustain its great pace after

Houston Dynamo Wins 3-0

By: Cristian Moralez On a rainy Saturday night, Houston Dynamo received  Montreal Impact,CONCACAF league finalist, seeking to come out with a needed win. Dynamo made its way back home losing last weeks game against Seattle Sounders. In the first half the game Houston Dynamo surprised with a header of Gil barnes in the

Montreal Impact Makes History!

By: Cristian Moralez Although Montreal lost 4-2 against Alajuelense, they made history in becoming the first Canadian team and last MLS team to qualify to CONCACAF Champions League Final. The Canadian finalist, will wait for the winner of Club America Vs Herediano. Herediano seemed to be the strongest competitor for they have a

Justin Gets Roasted

By: Cristian Moralez From a believer to a book of jokes. Comedy Central led this past Monday a murder of pop star Justin Bieber. Celebrities like Kevin Hart, Martha Stewart, Shaquille O'Neal, Jeffrey Ross, Hannibal Buress, Will Ferrell, and others held the murder of Justin Bieber. Many jokes considered Justin's dramatic transformation of his image throughout

Another Draw!

By:Cristian Moralez Houston Dynamo tied in home 0-0 against Colorado Rapid. The Orange machine had its second draw this season against Colorado Rapids, team in which still hasn’t won a game this season. Throughout the first half of the game, Houston had nine shots in favor and Colorado five. Although Houston had the

Champions League Defines Its Quarters Final

By: Cristian Moralez The quarterfinals of the champions league are finally defined and expect sensational matches. The first game (14-15 of April) París Saint Germain-Barcelona Atlético de Madrid-Real Madrid Oporto-Bayern Múnich Juventus Turín-Mónaco The Second game (21-22 of April) Barcelona-PSG Real Madrid-Atlético de Madrid Bayern Múnich-Oporto Mónaco-Juventus Turín.  

What is a great teenage car?

By: Cristian Moralez What car can a teen drive? Is a 2015 Ford Mustang and a 2015 Chevy Silverado a typical car for your high school student. The correct answer is what type of car can you afford? If your budget is limited  to a brand new car seek a used car

Houston Dynamo Vs Orlando City preview

By: Cristian Moralez With a great win over Columbus Crew in thier first game, our Houston Dynamo team will  seek another victory in the secound week of the new 2015 league. This time brazil astro star player Kaka, who joined Orlando city will seek to damage our team and help guide his team to

When Can Police Use Deadly Force?

By: Cristian Moralez After all the deadly shootings and strong dispute that our police officers have given our civilians. You, ask yourself? When can Police officers use Deadly Force? According to the U.S. Supreme, Court has ruled that the Fourth Amendment prohibits the use of deadly force to effect an arrest or believes that the suspect

The different type of Doctors Salary

By: Cristian Moralez Ever wonder what are the different type of doctors salary? Well hers your answers.according from an overview of 2011. Radiology: $315,000 Orthopedics: $315,000 Cardiology: $314,000 Plastic surgery: $270,000 General surgery: $265,000 Obstetrics/Gynecology: $220,000 Psychiatry: $170,000 Pediatrics: $156,000    

The Meaning of Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s, Tatoos

By: Cristian Moralez Sweden Astro star Zlatan Ibrahimovic, foward for Paris Saint -Germain, presented a campaign to help the PMA program that helps combat hunger. In a league game Zlatan took his shirt off as a symbol to combat hunger. Zlatan ibrahimovic mentioned that each tattoo on his body signifies the hungry people in the world and their

Where Does Valentine’s Day Come From

By: Cristian Moralez Why is every body getting gifts, roses, big bears and  chocolate on February 14th? It seems like an easy question to answer, but do you actually know the history of Valentine's Day? Valentine's Day came from the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia. An annual three-day ritual believed to ward

My Accordion Bussiness

By: Cristian Moralez Whats the craziest thing I have ever done? It appears to be my accordion business I have managed to open just a few weeks ago. According to my  crazy mouth and the help of my beautiful Griselda (my accordion). I have managed to open up my accordion business. My

Who is the richest man in the world?

By: Cristian Moralez Who in the world is the richest man alive? There may be many, but Bill Gates tops all of them. The Creator of Microsoft of age 59, is today considered the wealthiest man in earth with a Net Worth of $80.4 Billion dollars. Using his billions Gates as well

Cristiano Ronaldo Golden Ball winner

By: Cristian Moralez Portuguals and Real Madrid super star Cristiano Ronaldo, the new Golden Ball Winner. Ronaldo won by clear elections of a 37.66% of votes. His other rivals Lionel Messi occupied the 15.76% of votes meanwhile Germany goal keeper Manunel Neuer resulted with a with a 15.72%. With this Golden Ball

Top three, Best Paid Soccer players

By Cristian Moralez: If your intersted in knowing who are the best paid soccer players in the world, her are your answers. Astro Argentinian Lionel Messi occupies the first place with a value of 220 million euros (262 million dollars). Lionel Messi is valued the most against any of his rivals including

My December the 12th

By: Cristian Moralez Its not just a typical day every December the 12th. In my fifth year living in Houston there is nothing more marvelous than celebrating the Virgin Mary birthday. As part of being a catholic in my family, we just don't wake up to go to church at five

Club America 12th Championship

By: Cristian Moralez In a controversial final, Club America managed to come out with a outstanding 3-0 win against Tigres. With this championship, America became the Mexican soccer team with most titles won. After losing 1-0 in the first match of the final; America closed in their home with more than ten million fans cheering

They Are Growing

  By: Cristian Moralez They are called Wisdom Teeth and they are not cute at all. Wisdom teeth are the third and final set of molars that most people get in their late teens or early twenties. Sometimes these teeth can be a valuable asset to the mouth when healthy and properly aligned, but more