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Senior Jitters

So, I will admit, I'm a very busy person. I work multiple jobs, take AP courses, work the soundboard at church, am an officer in ROTC, and volunteer. On top of that, I rarely say no to invites to events or more work. But now, senior year has hit me

Worthing students keep up the pace with new city jobs

Thirteen Worthing High School students are now part of an elite group. As part of the City of Houston’s Professional Academy for Career Excellence (PACE) program, students participate in a paid internship. PACE has been visualized as an institute dedicated to molding the career of an entire body of students by developing

Teen scores hit on Houston-based movie

Kymora Simone discovered her love for music at a young age by playing around with a toy piano and copying notes down. Although she started singing in the third grade and was a part of a girl singing group at Walipp Middle School, it wasn’t until her freshman year at Westbury

Women take their places against Trump

Robin Paoli walked into City Hall 11 days before thousands of women marched in downtown Houston. She had her application and the $55.92 permit fee in hand. Immediately she received calls and emails from people wanting to help. “A week before, a group of 12 women met at a coffee shop and

‘Bathroom Bill’ repeal passes final vote

Thursday, North Carolina House of Representatives passed a bill to repeal the state's controversial bathroom law with a 70-48 vote. Gov. Roy Cooper, who has stated previously that he supports the repeal, is expected to sign the bill soon. While the the repeal would effectively strip the original HB2 bill, LGBT activists

Severe Tornadoes in Midwest and Southwest U.S

Severe Tornadoes in the Midwest and Southwest of the United States have killed at least three people and injured others. The thunderstorms have been going on for two days straight and it's still not finished causing death and destruction. Vehicles are still left scattered across the highways. Close to 100 million people are

Nine arrests were made at a drug bust down in Northwest Harris County….

On January 11th in Northwestern Harris County residence ,Harris county precinct four deputy constables made nine arrests during a drug. Under cover officers served a search warrant and went through the home. Neighbors had reported suspicious and disturbing activity... for more on this story visit