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Let’s keep Houston clean post Super Bowl LI

Turn to another major sporting event, 2016 Rio Olympics and the similarities of city-wide development between Houston and Rio are uncanny. It’s almost formulaic, a significant sporting event comes to a city that is lackluster in terms of development. Houston rapidly develops by accelerating construction and removing “unsightly” things from the city

Houston Art Car Parade Announced

The 30th Annual Houston Art Car Parade schedule has been released and it features over 250 vehicles that have spent the past year preparing for the event in anticipation of the festival. Below is the schedule: • Main Street Drag, April 6, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. • The Sneak Peek at Discovery Green, April

Justin Bua visits Houston

  World-renown artist, Justin Bua, showing of his art skills at the Houston Fine Arts Museum last Friday! — Insight HouChron (@insight_chron) February 27, 2017 World-renown artist, Justin Bua was at the Houston Fine Arts Museum last Friday giving a free lecture about his stylistic drawings of human proportions. Bua gave a lecture

Remembering Bessie Coleman

Everyone is acquainted with Google Doodles, the topic-stylized font of the Google word on their search engine. Ever stumble upon a Google Doodle that just leaves you with more questions than answers? Well, in the name of personal curiosity and interest, those head-scratching Google Doodles will be explained by me. Often

Anti-Trump supporters clash with police

With the welcoming of the new President of the United States, there were countless amounts of active protesters against Donald Trump. On this ceremonial Friday, the police were overwhelmed by the outcome of anti-Trump supporters, so much so that not even the public was prepared for the outcry of protesters.

A presidential message of hope

If you haven’t seen the farewell speech from Mr. Obama, then click here to view it. Last night under the Chicago sky, President Obama gave his farewell speech that left the American public with a faint sense of hope for the next four years. As a senior, it’s hard to imagine not

Antarctica is falling apart

Scientists predict that a large piece of ice is set to separate from Antarctica and is estimated to be the largest in history. Scientists can confirm that the iceberg that will be created from separation will be 5,000 square kilometers, the size of the state of Delaware. It is guessed that

A spring of scholarships

The final wave of college applications has come and gone for a majority of schools with deadlines that started as early as October 1st and concluding admission on January 1st. However, even though applications are submitted, there are still a massive amount of scholarships and funding that must be incorporated before