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Houston Symphony Brings Video Game Music to Life with rePLAY: Symphony of Heroes

buy modafinil online reddit Video games are, undoubtedly, an art form. An exhibit entitled "The Art of Video Games" showcasing the evolution of video games' visual design is being shown at 11 museums worldwide between 2012 and 2016, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum. However, it is not only the graphics that help to

The Mountain Goats play at Fitzgerald’s

The Mountain Goats is a folk acoustic "low-fi" band begun in the 1990's. The brainchild of John Darnielle, the vocalist, lyricist and guitarist, The Mountain Goats focuses on storytelling through sparse instrumentation that leaves room in the mix for the songs' messages to be heard. At Fitzgerald's this Saturday, bassist Peter

Blues Societies Help Keep The Blues Alive

“I have a love/hate relationship with ‘keeping the blues alive’ because it’s never gonna die. As long as there are people there’s gonna be blues,” said Gary Allegretto who is a world-renowned blues harmonica player and four time Grammy award nominee. “Blues societies are extremely important. Without them, the music

Super Smash Bros. Melee Edges Onto The Competitive Gaming Scene

As Esports become more popular, it is easy to ignore the games that are not drawing millions of dollars in prize money for tournament winners. Games such as League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Starcraft 2 make headlines while other fighting games (though well-respected) continue to remain in the sidelines.

J-Country Star Sets Houston Crowd Ablaze

Just by listening to instrumental versions of Aya Uchida’s music, one might think she was a typical country music star. They would be wrong. Her music infuses Japanese-pop vocals with country melodies to create a unique fusion of genres.She has been performing for three years and singing since she was three

Cloudbase Prime [Alpha] Review

Tyrus Peace, a game developer no one has heard of before, got his new game featured on Neogaf's popular Indie Games thread in March 2014. It definitely has a lot of possibility for creative development when it gets out of alpha. Premise Cloudbase Prime is a game about a protagonist who is

April Fools Tech Pranks You Might Have Missed

Google set the headlines abuzz with its cleverest April Fools prank to date: challenging Google Maps users to find and catch 151 Pokemon hidden in Google Maps to become the Pokemon Master. HTC, Samsung and Toshiba all "released" smart-gloves; wearable technology that tracks users' motion to enable actions like "liking"

Tycho Breaks it Down at Fitzgerald’s

Fitzgeralds filled to the brim with fans of ambient and IDM, proving once again that the audience for this genre is expanding quickly. The show itself sold out as fans kept pouring in from all directions. The work of American music producer Scott Hansen, Tycho's live performances benefit from a

The 5 Best Fighting Games You’ve Never Laid Hands On

If you just can't get enough fighting games in your life, you're probably searching for games that satisfy the deep need for a competitive smack down game. Here are several fighters (besides Smash Bros) I would recommend to casuals and hardcore players alike. 5. Starwhal A gravity and physics-based competitive narwhal jousting

Team Fortress 2: x10 Craziness

One of the reasons for Team Fortress 2's lasting legacy and increase in playerbase is the stream of new official Valve content. Every holiday, new in-game items and maps release, adding to the growing list of things to experience in Gabe Newell's class-based shooter. Perhaps another reason should be blamed

Polonia Restaurant and Paradise Burgers Houston Rodeo Review

Consumers strolling past the food stands at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will be struck by harsh lights and inviting smells from all sides. Two restaurants in particular that offer something extraordinary to their patrons: Polonia Restaurant and Paradise Burgers. Polonia Polish Food, the representation of Polonia Restaurant at the

Life is Fundamentally a Game

Liberal arts studies, while regarded as poor choices for a high-paying career and a guaranteed job in the future, are nevertheless necessary to one's cultural and mental growth. I encourage everyone to enroll in a few courses that your typical engineer might shy away from such as Philosophy and World

Com Truise Pounds Slow Synths into Fitzgeralds’s Floorboards

Seth Haley, better known by his stage name Com Truise, played at Fitzgerald’s on March 6 as part of his Wave 1 tour. On stage, surrounded by the gigantic lit-up letters "C" and "T" with a pentagon, he seemed dwarfed by the bass and the pulsing crowd that ate up his