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USA Takes Home the Gold with a 2-0 Win Over Canada By Callie Wariner The US Woman’s National Team took the win during the final game of the CONCACAF tournament against Canada. The game was a nail-biter, with Canada and the US being rivals, it lead for an interesting and intense match. This match was extremely note-worthy. Canada kept a good and strong

USWNT On the Road to Rio; Wins 5-0 Against Trinidad and Tobago

By Callie Wariner The United States Woman’s National Team dominated the field on February 19th during their semifinal match against the team of Trinidad and Tobago. With a 5-0 win on their shoulders, the team qualifies to play and compete in the 2016 Olympics in Rio. This isn’t a shock considering the USWNT has

Pup Squad Puppy Rescue

I couldn't help but feel the tears begin to fill in my eyes when I saw the wagon full of malnourished puppies at the Harris County Animal Shelter. I remember walking into the shelter and it smelling terrible. With the cries of dogs being heard from the back of the

El Salvador v. Haiti 10/9/15

By Callie Wariner El Salvador and Haiti faced off in a friendly game Friday night at the BBVA Compass stadium in Houston. However, the game was hardly friendly in between both teams. The stadium was mostly packed with Salvadorans who were not friendly towards the Haitian team. The first goal of the game

Scaling Infinite Heights

Director Baltasar Kormákur successfully commemorates the 1996 Mount Everest Disaster in Everest By Callie Wariner Before the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, made it to the vast, dark and unimaginable void, he shouted, “Let’s Go!” at lift off. The thought of sending a human being into space was highly ambitious and

Houstonian recalls the exact moment the planes crashed

By Callie Wariner A cloud of pitch black smoke rose as ashes fell onto the people who scattered the cement floor below. The flames grew wild, roaring at the oxygen that surrounded it, eating the skyscraper that it possessed. Sirens wailed, joining the sounds of people screaming for their endangered lives. The

Furious Seven

By Callie Wariner When Henry Ford released the Ford Model T in the early 1900s, little did he know that the affordable car can lead to greater things. Greater things like faster, more efficient and safe automobiles across the globe. But one thing that the man didn’t know is that such a

Brantley Gilbert

By Callie Wariner The smell of bulls, horses and sheep wasn’t the only smell that filled the nostrils of the 66,006 men and women attending Wednesday night’s event. There was also a hint of excitement in the air mixed in with an indulging whiff of energy. The lights then go off