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Letting the Freak Flags Fly at ACL Weekend One

By Ella Robertson With around 75,000 people gathering at Zilker Park over the six days of ACL, losing your friends in the crowd of festival-goers is a common occurrence. Luckily, some more seasoned ACL attendees have come up with an effective solution; create distinctive flags that group members will recognize. From innocent

Flying Lotus Stuns at ACL

By Ella Robertson Known for his off-beat, experimental style of music, producer Flying Lotus has been able to capture the attention of fans from all genres.   After seeing the diverse audience he drew at Austin City Limits, it became all the more apparent that Flying Lotus's sound is the glue that brings

Just Brittany Makes an Appearance at Free Press

By Ella Robertson Just Brittany, a Houston-based singer and rapper, made her debut appearance on BeatKing's stage at Free Press Summer Fest. Alongside the artist, she rapped and twerked, but don't make any assumptions; that's not all Just Brittany's about. "I'm a singer... I started out singing, but BeatKing was the one

An Outsider in a Dubstep Crowd

By Ella Robertson When Zeds Dead began performing at Free Press Summer Fest, crowds of people pushed themselves up toward the stage, and I found myself swept into the group as well; however, I was completely unfamiliar with EDM and dubstep music. From an outsider's perspective, the most distinguishable aspect regarding this

Free Press Highlights: Jamie xx

By Ella Robertson At the age of 27, Jamie Smith's (Jamie XX) career in music has spanned countless genres, including indie, future garage, electronica, and house music; however, at his set at Free Press, he shed his roots in pop that were planted during his work with The xx and focused on

Matt and Kim captivate at Free Press

By Ella Robertson The indie duo Matt and Kim are inseparable from their music's characterization as upbeat and buoyant, and this label was solidified during their performance at Free Press on June 4th. After a surprisingly ominous opening, the pair stepped onto stage and began to draw a crowd in with "It's

Dancing to Disclosure: Live at Revention Music Center

By Ella Robertson At 2015's Austin City Limits Festival, I caught a captivating glimpse of Disclosure's live performance. Although I regrettably could not stay for their entire setlist, eye-catching light show and pounding bass stayed in my mind for days afterwards, and I found myself yearning to see the English electronic musicians

Edward Snowden: Music Producer

By Ella Robertson Perhaps America's most famous whistleblower, Edward Snowden, has picked up a new hobby; creating electronic music. In collaboration with Jean Michel Jarre, a French composer, Snowden has lent his voice to a new techno track named "Exit". "I've always appreciated electronic music," says Snowden. "I think people like Jean

The Danish Girl Movie Review

By Ella Robertson It's common to hear "don't judge a book by its cover," but seldom is it said not to judge a movie by its opening scene. Within the first few minutes of The Danish Girl, I was taken aback by its excellent cinematography and beautiful portrayal of the landscape,

“The United States” World Premiere Review

By Ella Robertson During my time at San Jacinto College South, I have attended my fair share of plays that the theatre department has put on. Most of them included great actors, but the story line was much to difficult for me to follow and I left the theatre feeling unfulfilled;

A Trip to the Houston Symphony

By Ella Robertson Typically, I do not go to events that are usually reserved for high class citizens. I don't go to rooftop parties, ballroom dances, or even to grab some brunch; however, this Saturday, I found myself sitting at Jones Hall, listening to the Houston Symphony. Recently, my best friend Leslie

Field Trip to Hermann Memorial Park

By Ella Robertson Attending an early college high school places a lot of responsibilities upon a person, which in my case, includes completing a minimum of 20 service learning hours a year. In order to foster a sense of community within the school and help students reach their volunteer hour requirements,

Suicide Bombings Strike Lebanon

By Ella Robertson The latest Friday the 13th proved a tragic and unlucky day for numerous citizens throughout the world; there were terrorist attacks in Paris, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake hit Japan, and Lebanon was morning two suicide bombings that occurred the day before. These two bombings struck Beirut, the nation's capital, and

Mindfulness and Meditation

By Ella Robertson Although a large amount of my time at school is spent thinking about how much I want to leave, sometimes an event occurs that makes staying worthwhile. For example, San Jacinto College District invited the Lamas of Drepung Loseling Monastery of Tibet to the school. For the week

Socially Inept When Talking to Strangers

By Ella Robertson   Talking to strangers has never been my strong suit. I've stumbled on words through the drive thru, created numerous confusing conversations over the phone, and have embarrassed myself in front of almost all waiters that have ever served me. Of course, this personality quirk doesn't benefit me while interning

Bye, Shamu!

By Ella Robertson Few documentaries make as big of a splash as 2013's Blackfish, which exposed the terrible conditions in which Seaworld kept its whales. Since the release of this documentary, ticket sales for Seaworld have declined significantly, as people are unwilling to support practices that harm marine life. In order to combat

Prop 1 was a Flop

By Ella Robertson Voters throughout Houston rejected the Houston Equal Rights Ordinance, otherwise known as Proposition 1. This ordinance prohibited discrimination in "city contracting, business services, housing and employment," but opponents of this ordinance latched onto one specific part involving transgender rights. Under HERO, transgender individuals would be able to enter the restroom

An End to Sickle Cells?

Red blood cells in a patient affected by Sickle Cell Disease By Ella Robertson In late October, patients rejoiced at the news that Doctors in Ibadan, Nigeria and Chicago, Illinois, had discovered a permanent cure for Sickle Cell Anaemia. Sickle Cell Anaemia is an inherited disorder that causes red blood cells to have a

Two is Better than One: China Ends One-Child Policy

By Ella Robertson The most infamous government-implemented family planning program has been China's one-child policy, which came into effect in 1980. Under this policy, couples were only allowed to have a single child; otherwise, the parents would be subject to fines or forced abortions. At first, government attributed this strict rule to an

Texas Intensifies Battle against Planned Parenthood

By: Ella Robertson Abortion and sexual health are not typical dinner-time topics, but with the state of Texas defunding Planned Parenthood, they ought to be. On Monday, the state of Texas blocked Medicaid funding to Planned Parenthood, which is a non-profit infamous amongst pro-lifers as a place where abortions are formed.