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A College Dilemma

When I started getting my admissions back from colleges, I was sooo happy. The first letters did not even come from colleges I really wanted to go to but I was relieved to at least have gotten the college process out of the way. Now that almost all of my

A Wild Bench Appears

Carnegie is a small high school so few things go unnoticed. The appearance of a new swing-bench combo definitely caused a rucus. Only in its first day of existence, the bench-swing (swench?) caused entire classes to escape the confines of the classrooms to spend time swinging (or rather, attempting to) instead

A Figure Skating Break Down

The Olympics are always exciting. It just seems that some Olympics are born more exciting than other Olympics. Since you probably follow the Summer Olympics, but (shame on you) fail to properly appreciate the Winter Olympics, here is a break down of the one sport that everyone can at least

Gay Marriage Ban Ruled Unconstitutional in Oklahoma

Oklahoma's ban on gay marriage was ruled unconstitutional Tuesday by a federal judge. The ruling which was made in the core of the Bible Belt is another significant victory for same-sex marriage advocates. Gay marriages remain on hold pending an appeal which means gay marriages cannot immediately start in the state.

An Ulcerous Education

There is nothing like college to make your stomach quench, churn and generally malfunction. There is nothing like no answer back from any college to make things worse. I waited all of today for a college admission letter. All day. Or even all week. Or rather, since I applied in November. And then