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Going to FPSF for the First Time

By Juan Palomo School is over and summer is finally here which can only mean one thing for fellow Houston music lovers. Free Press! Now if you're an introverted person like me who is not a big fan of drunk and sweaty people with the hot sun baking your back, then you

Storm shuts down Houston

By Juan Palomo Although the heavy rain brought in late Sunday night has caused many Houston and neighboring Houston residents to stay indoors, others are still outside. Whether it is to rescue people and animals or grabbing some Whataburger for your mother, Houston residents show their (and others) journey in photos shared

Hijacker arrested moments after landing in Cyprus

By Juan Palomo Larnaca Police earlier today confirmed that an EgyptAir plane had been hijacked and landed at Larnaca airport in Cyprus. The man behind the hijacking is identified (by presidential spokesman Alaa Yousuf) as Seif El Din Mustafa. Mustafa gained control of the plane after claiming that he had an explosive belt. The

Baseball Season

By Juan Palomo Growing up, I was never a big fan of sports. While my dad struggled to introduce me to soccer my uncle successfully created a football star out of my cousin. Thankfully, my older brother shifted the attention away from me and to him by becoming a passionate and good

Photography and Traveling

By Juan Palomo As a self taught photographer and teenager self diagnosed with wanderlust, I find it hard to find other people my age who share a common interest in traveling and photography. When the subject of photography comes up within a group of teenagers, usually one brave soul will pull

Legend Movie Review

By Cristian Oviedo Synopsis Blood brothers are meant to stick together forever, that is until a woman gets between them. Legend is a crime/thriller that focuses on the story of Reggie and Ronnie Kray, twin brothers that have become successful gangsters in the heart of London through murder, torture, intimidation, and etc.


By Juan Palomo A few days ago, I found myself reading a Wikipedia article about one of my favorite independent films by Mike Cahill. The sci-fi drama, I Origins, is about the journey of a molecular biologist uncovering evidence to prove to creationists that humans eyes have evolved. It sounds boring at a

Fearshire Farms Review

By Destiny Vazquez I had no clue what was in store for me the moment I walked into Fearshire Farms. Darkness filled the night as I waited in line for the “Dead End Corn Maze.” I purposefully didn’t look into the farm’s attractions online for I wanted it to be a surprise, but as horrifying

Coulrophobia at Fearshire Farms

By Anthony Lee The setting sun and overwhelming fear I felt unfolded as I made my way inside Fearshire Farms. I knew that it was OK to be frightened but a wave of shame hit me as I spotted the corn field from the corner of my eye. Nervous, I decided

16-year-old Waltrip student struck and killed by train

By: Juan Palomo A 16-year-old Waltrip High School student is dead after being hit by a train in Northwest Houston. The incident occurred around 8:45 a.m. in the 3700 block West 34th Street. An other teen was present at the scene, though the teen was able to avoid getting hit. Relative's of the victim showed

Madison Marlins ready to strike this season

By Cassandra Gonzalez Despite having a sour start in their game against Fort Bend Marshall, Madison High School’s Football team is looking forward to this year’s season. With last year’s positive results in district, the Madison Marlins’ fighting power  is fueled by their desire to aim even higher. Seeing both the improvement of the current players and the incoming freshmen talent; head coach Pat Reinecke believes they have a chance to

Fatal HISD bus accident leaves two families grieving

By Juan Palomo Today, at approximately 7 a.m., a HISD school bus carrying REACH Charter and Furr High School students were involved in a deadly accident. 17-year-old REACH Charter junior Mariya Johnson died at the scene. 14-year-old Furr freshmen, Janecia Chatman, died at the hospital. Two other students, twins Lakeshia and Brandon Williams, including the