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In the Tunnel: Camille’s and Michael’s

here MICHAEL’S COOKIE JAR Michael’s Cookie Jar provides customers with a broad selection of- you’ve guessed it- cookies. Everything from classic peanut butter to seasonal cookies and custom cookies can be both ordered or tasted there. Making all of their products from natural ingredients, a bite of one of their freshly baked soft

Raspberry Discovers Crazy Ants

By Silvia Pera CARNEGIE VANGUARD HIGH SCHOOL Tom Rasberry, a local pest control specialist, has dedicated much of his career to preventing the spread of a species of ants he himself discovered in 2002. “The first time I saw them I wasn’t really suspicious. The second time I saw them, it went from

Student Safety in Schools

Recently six year old Hunter Yelton made the news because he was suspended for the sexual harassment of a girl in his class in Colorado. It caused a very big controversy and made headlines all across America. However, it was difficult to make judgments because not very many people knew

Wendy Davis taking Texas by the Horns

Democratic hero Wendy Davis is shaping up to be the first formidable Democratic contender in the 2014 Texas gubernatorial race and the first serious Democratic candidate in years. Davis was just another Texas Senator until she famously filibustered the passage of a heavily pro-life abortion bill for 11 hours during the

Teenager Recovering after Gunshots to Head/Leg

Stephon Vaughns CARNEGIE VANGUARD HIGH SCHOOL While most 18-year-olds are planning their futures as they prepare for the transition into college, Sharpstown High School senior Christianna Johnson is busy recovering as she survives from a life threatening gunshot to her head and leg. Just a couple of days after Christmas and the day

Houston ISD Launches PowerUp Initiative

By Jacob Murphy MADISON HIGH SCHOOL The Houston Independent School District (HISD) has launched the new PowerUp program, which, once fully implemented, will allow every student from 11 different schools to receive a laptop. The high schools that were selected to the program are Austin, Bellaire, Chavez, The Energy Institute, Kashmere, Lee, Madison,

HISD Basketball Playoff Round 1 Results

High school basketball fans across HISD are at the edge of their seats as teams from the area observe the annual playoffs now that the regular season has ended. The games kicked off last Tuesday, and here are the results from the first-round competition. District 20 5A Westside (60) vs. Strake Jesuit (45) Bellaire (41)

Emblem3 Bring the Summertime in the Winter during #bandlife

With the winter chill pelting the walls of the House of Blues from the outside, the summer heat blazed throughout the inside of the venue as California's resident surfers Emblem3 took the stage on their very first headlining tour. The band brought their #bandlife tour to Houston, TX this Sunday, bringing

Why Is Getting A Job So Difficult?

Like any other second semester senior, I am in full out apathy mode. It's sad for me to admit that I care more about going out to brunch with friends than finishing my school work. However, I don't see why this is a bad thing? I've worked hard for four years straight, suffering

HOT Christmas Show Takes Over Houston

By Jazmyn Griffin Recently, X-Factor finalists Emblem3 and Cher Lloyd teamed with Disney star Zendaya and up and coming boyband Midnight Red at the Houston House of Blues to present a Christmas themed concert that kicked off the winter breaks for many of the teenage fans in the audience. Each act

Thankful for the Roller Coaster of Life

Sometime's it's weird to me how things work out. At one moment a situation may seem like it's going completely downhill, and then turns entirely around in the next. I'm not sure if it's a higher power at work, or if it's pure luck--but my life has a special way of keeping

Thankful for Fashion

Needless to say, one of the things that I'm most thankful this Thanksgiving holiday is Fashion! Many people think that the way I dress is solely to make a statement or to be noticed. The truth is, my fashion is my method of expressing myself. The versatility of my closet is a

Insight Gives Thanks

Have a Happy Thanksgiving from the Insight Staff! While you read through some of our articles dedicated to the holiday, tell us some of the things that you are thankful for. We are thankful that each and every one of you has taken the time to read the stories we work very

Movie Review: ‘The Best Man Holiday’

By Brandy Baines and Faith Caltrider If you are looking for a movie to watch this holiday season, The Best Man Holiday is the perfect match. This hilarious film has scenes that will have you laughing until it hurts. You will be on edge of your seat the entire movie, dying to

Yates HS Senior Dies After Gunfire at House Party

HOUSTON -- Social media has once again led to the death and injuries of multiple teenagers in the local Houston area for the second time last week. Early Saturday morning, shots were fired outside of a home located on the 4400 block of Tiffany in southwest Houston. The house party, which was promoted