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Settling In

By: Kayla Sturdevant After a long week of shenanigans, I finally feel that I'm settling into my new school. I wanted to use the weekend to get ahead of my reading schedule but unfortunately that didn't happen due to me spending time with a classmate. We went to all sorts of neat places

Back to School

By: Kayla Sturdevant This week marks my first week as a junior in college. After attending my classes, I love them. The only 2 classes that I'm taking that go directly towards my degree includes my communication class and a race and diversity class. I'm excited about both of these but they

Taking Action

By Kayla Sturdevant Anyone else tired of me cheesy yet catchy titles? Yeah, me neither. Some good news - my diet's turning out wonderfully. I'm drinking water and following all of my other routines. I already see a difference in my legs and arms on week 1! I've also texted my friend and

Feeling Safe

By Kayla Sturdevant I don't know what I'm doing lately but it's working. I feel amazing. I've taken on a new routine and when obstacles come in my way I'm able to solve them almost instantly. I feel more confident than ever. My life doesn't resemble a perfect one but I do

Thoughtful Grandmother

By Kayla Sturdevant All of my daily objectives look as if they will turn out well. I'm still going strong with my 30-day challenge and I'm loving how toned my body became after only a couple of weeks. My friend and I made up. I realized I blew things out of proportion and

Staying Positive

By Kayla Sturdevant Things have started to look up in my life lately. I finally picked up my things from my friend. My dedication to my challenge remains constant. I also finally bought my plane ticket. I'm pretty good at keeping up with my 30-day challenge. However I did cut back on


By: Kayla Sturdevant If anyone thought I resembled an angel, today would definitely prove them wrong. I totally slacked on my new diet. I did so good the first few days until Friday I drank 20 ounces of water short, yesterday I drank about half the water I was supposed to and

Say Anything at House of Blues

By: Kayla Sturdevant On May 27th Say Anything performed at the House of Blues in Houston with "their best audience yet." Lead singer Max Bemis said he thinks every night the crowd cheered louder and louder. Bemis said each audience tells the next audience to cheer louder than they did. Say Anything played

Rejuvenating in June

By: Kayla Sturdevant OK first thing: I can't believe the dumb thing I did. I accidentally sent in the wrong part of the bank statement to my school for Proof of Financial Viability. I'm supposed to have an income of at least 3 million yen, which equivocates to about $25,000. The

The Countdown Begins

By: Kayla Sturdevant Still monitoring plane ticket prices, I decided to create a countdown for the day I arrive in Japan. Starting on May 30th, 80 days remain until I enter Japan. How crazy. I can't believe that number. In fact, I can't believe anything. I can't believe I graduated with my


By Kayla Sturdevant My phone conference with my student services counselor ended in a success. I feel as if a lot of my questions stand answered and I feel more confident about my decision. I don't need to pay those fees until June or July but I'll also need to pay for

Two Different Stories for Will Smith’s Death

By Kayla Sturdevant Former Saints' player, Will Smith, was killed April 9th by Cardell Hayes. Hayes originally claimed it was self defense but the lawyer representing Smith proposes another side of the incident. Will Smith and his wife Raquel were driving when Hayes' car stopped in front of theirs. After Smith saw

Baby Steps

By Kayla Sturdevant As the day gets closer and closer for me leaving for Japan, I stay busier and busier and almost never make time for anything. But look at me making a blog entry! I hope I continue to make these as much as I'm supposed to. Anyways, I received my

Demolition’s Demolishing Effect

By Kayla Sturdevant Demolition starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Naomi Watts features a story on a man who loses his wife in a car accident and struggles to find what to do now that she passed. Gyllenhaal's character, Davis Mitchell, lives with the kind of mind that doesn't stop. Davis constantly thought and

The Band Perry Returns to Rodeo Houston

By Kayla Sturdevant Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo begins for some when the car door shuts or when the bus finally leaves the park and ride. The whole evening lasts as an experience. For their 5th year, the Band Perry played at the Houston Rodeo last night. Opening, Kimberly, Reid, and Neil began

Hoodie Allen Sold Out in Houston

By Kayla Sturdevant Hoodie Allen comes back to Houston on Friday, February 19th at Warehouse Live for his first ever sold out show in Houston, Texas. Opening for Hoodie, Black Bear and Superduperkyle rocked the venue with their own fan base. The crowd knew almost ever verse as if they were the

Apple Doozy

By: Kayla Sturdevant Iphones are being bricked all over the nation when people set their phones date to January 1, 1970. Rumors of a vintage setting if moved to this date caused users of social media to try it out, permanently locking their phone. The apple store is currently trying to fix the

Kayla goes to Japan

By Kayla Sturdevant I have some pretty exciting news: I will probably be attending Temple University Japan in the fall of 2016 for my Bachelors in Communications. My decision isn't official yet but I'm 95% sure that I'm going. I still have some things to do like officially tell the school yes, apply

Hello, Hello, Hello!

By Kayla Sturdevant Well well well. Looks who's back. It's me. My apologies for being gone for so long. I took a break over the winter holidays and then I found it really hard for me to get back into my routine of things for some reason. I faced problems with

The Latest in Ghostbusters

By Kayla Sturdevant Surprisingly not more popular in the news, Ghostbusters started production and plans to release July 22nd this year. The new adaption of the 80's film reverses the genders of the main characters. The film stars Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, Kate MiKinnon, and Chris Hemsworth. The trailer for the

Renaissance Festival

By: Kayla Sturdevant I love the Renaissance Festival. My trip ended as my 3rd visit. The Festival gets kind of pricey but the price proved its worth. This trip spent my first year going with my friends instead of my family. I went with Nida, her brother Safi, and his friend Elvia. Usually my