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Ellington The Great

By: Heaven Lee Murphy WORTHING HIGH      Ellington Colley is a senior at Evan E. Worthing High School and the founder of Worthing Voices of Praise. Colley possesses a vocal gift of music which he shares with his fellow students.      When asked to describe Colley’s voice, his peers gave an array of

Heaven Calls An Angel

By: Heaven Lee Murphy Greetings to all of my Angels! The other day my uncle Cedric died. He left behind five children and a wife. My idmediate family and I were in Dallas when we got wind that he had passed. We rushed from Dallas back to Houston as quickly as possible. My

Police Brutality In School?

Greetings to all of my angels! Oh My Goodness! Let me tell you what happened a while ago. I WITNESSED POLICE BRUTALITY! It made me so ANGRY! Let me tell you what happened at lunch. I was politely sitting at the table, polishing Nyla's nails when a mob of students flew my way. I didn't

Space Heater Burns house in Humble

By: Heaven Lee Murphy A space heater is the cause of a housefire in Humble. Around 5:15 a.m on Wednesday  the fourplex home on Wilson Road went up in flames. There was one man home at the time. He told the fire department that he fell asleep in a recliner chair with a

Heaven Lee Alsina

By: Heaven Lee Murphy Greetings to all of my Angels! This Friday I was graced with the oppurnity to cover the Usher concert at the Toyata Center.  You would never guess who opened it!? Go ahead, guess... no one other than the great  AUGUST ALSINA! Oh my gosh! I turned into such a

Woman’s Body Found Dead in a Ditch

By: Heaven Murphy Some residents of a Southeast Houston neighborhood made a gruesome discovery of an African American female Wednesday at 8 a.m. as they walked through a vacant field at 6900 Madrid Street near Idaho. Residents and police said it has happened before. The female didn't have any ID. For the full


By: Heaven Murphy America’s No. 1 music variety show on cable television, 106 & PARK, will host its final daily on-air show on December 19, 2014, concluding its impressive 14-year run. The 106 & PARK brand remains strong and will continue to produce various specials throughout the year, including its annual

Collegiate Heaven

By: Heaven Lee Murphy Greetings to all my Angels! Guess what you guys? I got my very FIRST acceptance letter! I got accepted to Texas Southern University over the weekend. I'm not really planning on attending but hey, it is my safety school. My college adviser told me when I start my

Heaven’s Homecoming

By: Heaven Murphy Greetings to all of my Angels! Last week is one of the most EXCITING  weeks of a high schooler's high school career... HOMECOMING!!! On nerd day everybody said that I was so cute. That gave me a little ego boost. Some people said that I dress like this everyday. That was

Heaven-Lee Stress

By:Heaven Murphy Greetings My Angels! UGH! Lately everybody has been on my case! Starting with cheerleading. I am a vet cheerleader for my highschool. I was on the varsity squad last year and I am a quick learner. I come to cheer practice about once a week. I got in trouble. My


By:Heaven Murphy A Cy-Fair ISD police officer is facing 2 counts of oppression. Prosecutors say that 28 year old Patrick Quinn used his used his badge to fulfill his sexual fantasies.On  August 11, 2014, a female victim was pulled over by Officer Quinn in the 9900 block of Jones Road near West

Police search for restaurant robber wearing hockey mask

By: Heaven Murphy An armed robber stormed inside a McDonalds at 255 Greens Road on the Northside of Houston around five a.m. this morning. According to police, the robber covered with a hockey mask stole about $1,500. The suspect is still on the loose.

As Sweet As Heaven

By: Heaven Murphy Greetings my Angels! Today my knee has been killing me! It's off and on and I have a game tomorrow. My mom says that I am always on the move, and I don't drink enough water. In my eyes I consume enough water, but as the saying goes, mother knows

A Bad Day for Heaven

By: Heaven Murphy Greetings my Angels. I'm not in a particularly good mood today so I didn't use an exclamation point behind the word 'Angels'. My day started off messed up. Every morning I listen to Fashion Killa x A$AP Rockey, Waves x  Joey Bada$$ & Diva x Beyonce (in that order)

Heaven Moves

By: Heaven Lee Murphy Greetings to all of my angels! This whole week my family and I have been moving. And boy oh boy did we have a lot of crap! I threw away half of my room because it was just junk. I low key hate moving. It is a lot

Selfie Under Anesthesia

By: Heaven Murphy The cardiac arrest leading to Joan Rivers' death happened as her doctor began performing a biopsy on her vocal cords. A staff member at Manhattan's Yorkville Endoscopy clinic told investigators that a doctor took a selfie photo in the procedure room while Rivers was under anesthesia. For more information

Heaven Has Ears

By: Heaven Murphy Greetings to all of my angels! "Where Words Fail Music Speak"-Hans Christian Andersen.  Music is my haven, my escape, my love.  I've developed a love for music at the age of three when I heard Erykah Badu's On & On. I remember my dad putting that song on repeat

Solar Flares And Scares

By: Heaven Lee Murphy A big storm is moving our way and flooding is the last thing to be worried about.  This is a solar storm. A solar storm emits CMEs ( coronal mass ejections) and solar flares. Solar flares are the most explosive events in the solar system. The magnetic fields


By: Heaven Murphy   Enterovirus D68 has made a rather intense outbreak across the Midwest area. If you have ever had a summer cold it may have been an enterovirus strand. Enteroviruses are very common and cause up to 15 million annual infections. However, this strand has caused so much ruckus because

A Bit About Heaven

By: Heaven Murphy   Greetings to all of my angels! I think it is only right that I introduce myself formally. I'm Heaven Lee Murphy and I have a very strong mindset. It's a gift and a curse. A lot comes with a strong mindset. One, a strong will, two stubbornness, and three