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Ted Cruz Urges Pastors to Preach on Biblical Marriage

see url By: Maria Ramirez Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has urged pastors across the country to preach on biblical marriage this Sunday (April 26), ahead of the Supreme Court’s anticipated decision regarding same-sex marriage. The Republican candidate sent a letter requesting the sermon topic to tens of thousands of pastors, Christian Network News reports. He wrote,

Court Rules ‘Killing Jews is Worship’ Ad Allowed on Buses

By: Maria Ramirez Ads that read “Killing Jews is worship that draws us close to Allah,” will be allowed on New York City buses, after a court ruling. The ads, which were called “offensive” by a judge were deemed acceptable due to First Amendment protection. Christian Today reports the ads were made

KSBJ begins summer Brown Bags

By: Maria Ramirez KSBJ Educational Foundation is a Christ-centered, non-profit, listener-supported radio ministry. We are followers of Jesus Christ, Son of God, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures. As a listener-supported Christian station, we’re able to focus on creating the kind of radio that encourages listeners not only to "sing along,

Man Missing at Sea Since January Found Off NC Coast

By: Maria Ramirez North Carolina News and observer reports, RALEIGH-A South Carolina man who was reported missing at sea in January was picked up by a German cargo ship off the North Carolina coast on Thursday. The crew of the Houston Express reported finding the overturned 35-foot sailboat, Angel, at about 1:30 p.m.

Lecrae’s Music Played in Strip Club, Inspires Dancers

By: Maria Ramirez Christian Headlines Daily reports. An organization that ministers to dancers in strip clubs in Louisville has convinced one club to play Lecrae’s most recent CD. Rapzilla reports Rachelle Starr, founder of ministry Scarlet Hope took the CD “Rehab” to a club, hoping that the owner would agree to play it.

Living 116 & Missing the GOOD days!

By: Maria Ramirez I am going to miss these days. Not the bad ones. But the ones of blessings. Where I accidentally matched with a middle school friend. Where I laughed so hard with all my friends. God has take me to many places this year with my friends. I am eternally grateful for the opportunities. I

1,500 Medical Studies Declare Healing Power of Prayer Undeniable

By: Maria Ramirez A belief in God may make people healthier and happier, according to new studies. "Studies have shown prayer can prevent people from getting sick—and when they do get sick, prayer can help them get better faster," Duke University's Harold G. Koenig, M.D., tells Newsmax Health. The analysis of more than

Jones Scholar for the Win!

    By: Maria Ramirez I want to give  a huge thanks to God for the amazing gift he sent me! I have received the Jones scholarship! I am not  one for bragging, but I was the only girl that received this scholarship in the whole school. So many students applied for this

Pastors Protest after Bible College Invites Lesbian Bishop to Speak

By: Maria Ramirez The American Baptist College in Tennessee is facing criticism after the school invited a married lesbian bishop to participate in a lecture series. According to Christian Today, the college in Nashville invited Bishop Yvette Flunder to the school to speak about her work with HIV/Aids. In response, the National

Praying and Paying for College

By: Maria Ramirez Instead of complaining today, I will leave with something as simple as this.   I am worried about paying for college, but I know God is going to make this okay! So here's the verse for me being positive that God will provide!   Psalm 68:10 (NLT)  There your people finally settled,  and with a

Photos of Baby Miscarried at 19 Weeks Go Viral

By: Maria Ramirez Photos of a 19-week-old baby boy who died minutes after birth are sweeping the Internet. “I shared these photos so my friends and family could see my perfect child,” Lexi Fretz of Greencastle, Pa. wrote in a blog post. “I never, ever could have imagined that it would spread

KHOU Opportunities!

By: Maria Ramirez God has been blessing me a lot lately. I have learned very much in this internship with the Chronicle and have been very thankful for all the opportunities. I think this passing week doing this workshop/internship with KHOU has been my favorite time of my senior year yet. I

Three More Months Until Graduation

By: Maria Ramirez I saw this picture today and I couldn't believe it! I am three months away from graduating from high school. I will miss many things.  I feel as though I am ready for this next chapter in my life. I am ecstatic to see what it's like to

The Top Four Things That Make Me Smile

By: Maria Ramirez 1) God If you didn't see that coming, then maybe you should read my blogs a bit more. There are many days when I feel very stressed out and as though everyone around me has given up on me. I makes me me feel alone. But the moment I'm about to