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Far from the Madding Crowd review

By: Cristian Moralez In Victorian England around the 18th century an independent and firm minded, Bathsheba Everdene attacks three different men which like in many love and passion stories falls victim of the bad and misleading passions. For many romantic and passionate viewers, this movie will fit the shoe. Far from the

Manny Pacquiao dedicates his fight by rapping

By: Cristian Moralez In just a couple of months the century of the fight will go down, and Manny Pacquiao already made a song!!!?  Manny composed a song to his people in the Philippine towards the fight against Floyd Mayweather. Click Here

Houston Dynamo vs DC United Preview

By: Cristian Moralez Looking for the second win in a road, Houston Dynamo will travel to Washington to play against first place Western Conference team DC United. The orange machine will visit DC United after obtaining a 3-0 over Montreal Impact and DC United will try to sustain its great pace after

Club America will play an International Cup

By: Cristian Moralez Soccer Club Cheslea confirmed the presence of a friendly International Champions Cup. The international tournament  will be held in USA, Australia, and China, with the participation of Club America (Mexico), Barcelona(Spain), Manchester United (England) and Paris Saint - German(France).  

Unfriended Review

By: Cristian Moralez As some of you might have thought that Paranormal Activity was relatively amusing but somewhat hard to find scary, wait until you experience the movie Unfriended. After a leaked video of her at a party, Laura Barns suicides as an effect of cyber bulling. In a movie filled with

Houston Dynamo Wins 3-0

By: Cristian Moralez On a rainy Saturday night, Houston Dynamo received  Montreal Impact,CONCACAF league finalist, seeking to come out with a needed win. Dynamo made its way back home losing last weeks game against Seattle Sounders. In the first half the game Houston Dynamo surprised with a header of Gil barnes in the

Montreal Impact Makes History!

By: Cristian Moralez Although Montreal lost 4-2 against Alajuelense, they made history in becoming the first Canadian team and last MLS team to qualify to CONCACAF Champions League Final. The Canadian finalist, will wait for the winner of Club America Vs Herediano. Herediano seemed to be the strongest competitor for they have a

Two Illinois State Staff, Dead in Plane Crash

By: Cristian Moralez Two Illinois State athletic staff members died late monday in plane crash. Associate men's basketball coach Torrey Ward and deputy athletic director Aaron Leetch were two of the seven people killed in a plane crash on Monday night near Bloomington, Ill., Illinois State. Click Here For More Information

Sounders Wins Dynamo 1-0 , With Less Players

By: Cristian Moralez With one less player , Seattle Sounders won Houston Dynamo 1-0 with a fascinating goal from Nigerian star Obafemi Martins. Houston couldn't take advantage since the minute 56 when defender Gonzalo Pineda high kicked Clark. Click Here

Justin Gets Roasted

By: Cristian Moralez From a believer to a book of jokes. Comedy Central led this past Monday a murder of pop star Justin Bieber. Celebrities like Kevin Hart, Martha Stewart, Shaquille O'Neal, Jeffrey Ross, Hannibal Buress, Will Ferrell, and others held the murder of Justin Bieber. Many jokes considered Justin's dramatic transformation of his image throughout

David Alaba, Off Seven Weeks

By: Cristian Moralez Bayern Munich midfielder, David Alaba, has been set off for the next two months after partially rupturing knee ligaments playing for Austria. With this injury, Bayern will be in need of another substitution. Click Here

Another Draw!

By:Cristian Moralez Houston Dynamo tied in home 0-0 against Colorado Rapid. The Orange machine had its second draw this season against Colorado Rapids, team in which still hasn’t won a game this season. Throughout the first half of the game, Houston had nine shots in favor and Colorado five. Although Houston had the

Earthquake of Magnitude 6.3 strucks Chile

By: Cristian Moralez This early Morning a earthquake of 6.3 struck three regions of the north side of Chile. The disasterous earthquake affected Arica, Parcinacota,Tarapaca and Antofagasta, borders in between Peru and Bolivia. Click Here

Young man was planning to go back to Guatemala

By: Cristian Moralez The fallen building of this past Thursday in East Village, New York. Captured the death of Nicholas Figueroa of 23 age and Moises Ismael Locon Yac of 26. Both young men were caught in the building of last weeks fire. Moises Ismael Locon Yac, of nationality Guatemalian, was a

Champions League Defines Its Quarters Final

By: Cristian Moralez The quarterfinals of the champions league are finally defined and expect sensational matches. The first game (14-15 of April) París Saint Germain-Barcelona Atlético de Madrid-Real Madrid Oporto-Bayern Múnich Juventus Turín-Mónaco The Second game (21-22 of April) Barcelona-PSG Real Madrid-Atlético de Madrid Bayern Múnich-Oporto Mónaco-Juventus Turín.  

Orlando City surprises Dynamo

By:Cristian Moralez Kaka and Orlando City surprised Houston, with a help of Tyler Deric. With a game played mostly in the midfield and a huge error of goalkeeper Tyler Deric, Orlando City won their first game in the MLS 2015 season visiting the mighty orange Houston Dynamo. In a stadium nearly full with

Orlando City Surprises Houston

By:Cristian Moralez With a game played mostly in the midfield and a huge error of goalkeeper Tyler Deric, Orlando City won their first game in the MLS 2015 season visiting the mighty orange Houston Dynamo. In a stadium nearly full with its capacity, The orange machine was in look for their second

What is a great teenage car?

By: Cristian Moralez What car can a teen drive? Is a 2015 Ford Mustang and a 2015 Chevy Silverado a typical car for your high school student. The correct answer is what type of car can you afford? If your budget is limited  to a brand new car seek a used car

Your Forecast For Your Weekend

By: Cristian Moralez What the best news of this week the rain is going away! Temperatures are likely to rise this weekend and hope to leave the harsh cold. This friday we will raise up from 54F to 63 and saturday and sunday will be filled with more sunny skys.

Houston Dynamo Vs Orlando City preview

By: Cristian Moralez With a great win over Columbus Crew in thier first game, our Houston Dynamo team will  seek another victory in the secound week of the new 2015 league. This time brazil astro star player Kaka, who joined Orlando city will seek to damage our team and help guide his team to