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Mother finds naked man in her sons bed

By: Guadalupe Rodriguez A Tampa mother found Ernest Johnson, 25, naked in her 10 year old son's bed. Johnson is has been previously charged with exposing himself but does not have any charges as a molester. After the mother found Johnson next to her son, he tried to escape through a window

Still unsure

By: Guadalupe Rodriguez Last week the wonderful Ms. Cynthia Smith took us to a wonderful trip to Austin! It was great I really loved being there with my friends and I loved just being a new environment for more than six hours. I was so happy that we were in such

World’s largest dog show becomes a canine murder mystery

By: Guadalupe Rodriguez Allegations of skullduggery have long hounded Crufts, the Birmingham, England, dog show that is the world's largest canine competition. False commands shouted from outside the ring. Laxatives slipped into dog food. An autopsy found cubes of meat in Jagger's stomach with poison sewn inside, co-owner Jeremy Bott told BBC

New York Jets Chris Johnson wounded at drive by

By: Guadalupe Rodriguez New York Jets player Chris Johnson was shot and wounded at a drive by in Sunday morning near Florida mall. Another man was shot and killed. Johnson was shot in the shoulder The victims, Reggie Johnson and Chris Johnson, both 29, said that an unknown vehicle pulled up beside

Loiter Squad

By: Guadalupe Rodriguez Loiter Squad is a fifteen minute sketch comedy TV show by Tyler, the Creator. Obviously anything that has to do with Tyler I will find enjoyable. However when I first started watching a few of their skits I was like ehhh. They weren't very funny to me. But as

Jodi Arias jury deadlocked in sentencing trial

By: Guadalupe Rodriguez Jodi Arias who was accused of killing her boyfriend will spend her life in prison because her jury could not meet a unanimous decision on life in prison or capital punishment. There was five months of debate over the trial with 5 of the 12 jurors quitting. On Thursday morning

2 Whataburgers robbed

By: Guadalupe Rodriguez Two Whataburger joints where robbed on Tuesday night. The first robbery was reported on Little York at the Eastex Freeway around 11 p.m. The men took several hundred dollars from the customers but left before taking anything from employees or the registers. About 30 minutes later, two men wearing


"Awkward" by Tyler, the Creator is something I've been feeling not only because do I understand some of the lyrics but because I genuinely feel awkward. I try not to, but the way things are set up I can't help it. I don't know why I'm so awkward about something

I love Tyler, the Creator

By: Guadalupe Rodriguez Over the past two months I have developed a love for Tyler, the Creator. I don't know what this odd attraction I have developed for him is, I never thought I would devoted to an artist at this rate. Every day I have to listen to Tyler's music

4 year old shot and killed himself

By: Guadalupe Rodriguez Four year old Codrick McCall found a gun while under the care of his babysitter. NEither of McCall's parents were at the scene when McCall fatally shot himself but police were quick to arrive to a deceased McCall. Harris County Homicide Detectives said so far, no one has been

Woman is charged for leaving child in a car

By: Guadalupe Rodriguez Kimberly Shaunta Marshall has been charged for leaving her child who is under the age of 15 inside of a car with a running engine and without supervision. The occurrence happened in a parking lot at 7015 West FM 1960 on Monda. Her bail is currently set at $10,000. To find

Debate Lingo

By: Guadalupe Rodriguez This entire year I have blogged a lot about debate, however there's lots of words that a lot of people might not know what they mean. So here's a list of common debate lingo people may not know about. Policy Debate (CX, Cross-X): Style of debate which calls for

Metro passenger harasses senior citizen

By: Guadalupe Rodriguez A man recorded a passenger harassing an elderly lady on the metro route 163 by Fondren and Bissonet. The elderly lady moved the girl's belonging so that she could make space for herself, the girl freaked out and started yelling at the elderly woman. She threatened  to drag

And for the fourth time this year…

By: Guadalupe Rodriguez After four months, five tournaments and three different partners, my latest partner Belshady was ripped away from me. Belshady only competed in two of the five tournaments in HUDL and because of that she does not qualify to participate in the varsity division that my other partner and

My Last Real Tournament

By: Guadalupe Rodriguez On the weekend of 1/16-1/17 I had my first (and last) two day tournament of my senior year.It's pretty disappointing knowing that I didn't really get to compete in more two day tournaments but this tournament was good enough to satisfy that need for debate. As a matter

Shooting in Oklahoma City

By: Guadalupe Rodriguez There has been a shooting in Oklahoma City at SW 25th and May and the sole victim of the shooting has been taken to the hospital. The condition of the patient has not been reported.   for more information please click here.