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I was always taught growing up that respect takes you a long way. Scenario: Earlier today I went into a room and someone had the audacity to speak to everyone but me. I find that very disrespectful. Then again I had to meditate to myself and keep calm. I find it amusing how

Insurgent Movie Review

erythromycin warfarin 4mg By: Juan Palomo When English Philosopher Sir Thomas More introduced the word Utopia in his 1516 book of the same name, people in the Old World were living in societies where kings would start wars and cause their nations to experience an economic depression due to fruitless endeavours. Most people lived

Chris Brown

Tyga, who opened for Brown, started the night off strong with his swinging single “Make it Work.” The good vibes continued as he flowed from one song to the next, including “Versace Versace” and “Dope.” And while his performance was upbeat and solid, it was distracting that he just couldn’t find

Zac Brown Band

By: Yenifer Coto                       Another wet and frigid night, but that definitely did not stop Houston from seeing Zac Brown Band at the Rodeo. The stadium was packed. People everywhere, walking into the stadium, walking around the stadium, buying cold beer and snacks. Zac Brown Band was a huge success. They started

Justin Moore

Yenifer Coto Regardless of the rain and unfortunate weather, Houston Rodeo was still in full effect. Everyone was covered in rain and rushing to get in doors. You didn't see much movement outside of the stadium; you could just hear the rushing of folk’s boots attempting to be in a safe

Selma POV

By: Jaliyyah Hodge “Selma” isn’t a documentary about how Martin Luther King Jr led the Alabama marches. This movie is about the people of Selma, Alabama and their struggle. It is common to most people that the movie will tug on your heartstrings. Yes, Dr. King is the central protagonist of

Elderly couple found dead in Northeast Harris County home

By: Jaliyyah Hodge HARRIS COUNTY - An elderly couple was found dead in their home on Pacific Crest at Misty Field trail Saturday afternoon. Harris County Sheriff's deputies arrived at the home around 12:30 p.m. and discovered the couple had been beaten to death. The husband and wife were in their 80s. Click here

By: Jaliyyah Hodge   In my eyes the American dream is about four things, love, money, family, and parties.  These four things are very essential because without them you can’t truly be happy, and you won’t be living the dream.  The first part is money, there are people out there that

John Legend

John Legend By: Jaliyyah Hodge John Roger Stephens, better known by his stage name John Legend, is an American songwriter, actor and singer. He has won nine Grammy Awards and one Golden and Academy Award. Legend wore his crisp, blue/grey suit, black tie and dress shoes. Legend is one of many legendary performers with a touch of old

The Boy Next Door

By: Jarvis Dillard Newly separated high-school teacher Claire Peterson (Jennifer Lopez) gets seduced and has sexual intercourse with her neighbor’s great-nephew Noah (Ryan Guzman) which sends him an unintended message. After the incident, a series of events happen not only to Claire but to her son Kevin (Ian Nelson),  technically still

Blackhat Movie Review

In a life where the internet controls nearly one hundred percent of our time, we must know that this addicting virtual power is not always, if not ever, private. Millions of people use the internet every day, whether it be to google a last minute gourmet recipe to impress your

By: Elisabeth Gray Carnegie Vanguard High High School In the hopes to create a brighter future, high school students are getting involved with government and taking action in the Junior Statesmen Association by engaging in political events such as conventions and debates.  “We have two conferences in Texas every year,” head of JSA

By: Laila McCutcheon Carnegie Vanguard High School   As a senior in high school, the transition from a child to an adult is almost complete- legally anyways. At 15, we get permits and at 16 drivers licenses. This freedom and responsibility is our test but we still have our parents as our training wheels. As

By: Ixchel Perez Lee High School   The students groan as their phones are taken away 30 minutes before they arrived to the YoungLife camp. The YoungLife head leaders want students to not have access to their phones because camp is for students to enjoy the beauty of nature and learn how to

Cindy Wakiyama Lee High School   Lee High School student Diana Alas created the club “Super Buddies” to connect mainstream students and special needs students of the school. Since the special needs’ classrooms are located in a separate wing of the school, Alas thought of the club as an opportunity to unite everyone in

Police Brutality

Caleb Richard Worthing High School   Police are put here to protect and serve the people but when most individuals come in contact with the police they get paranoid. Well considering the recent events that have involved the police I understand why many dislike/fear the authorities. The Eric Garner epidemic in Staten Island has brought consciousness

Unbroken Promises

By: Jaliyyah Hodge Well known actress Angelina Jole shows the world the many talents she has up her sleeve by directing and co-producing America's soon to be favorite film, Unbroken (2014). Not only does the gorgeous and passionate star bring a sense of unbreakable faith and encouragement throughout the movie, but

Elle Varner in Concert

By: Jaliyyah Hodge In what was proclaimed as her best show to date, R&B songstress Elle Varner took center stage at the House of Blues in Houston on Monday, December 15th to a sold out audience.   Upon arrival, concert goers may have been taken aback by the show’s move from the main

Sneaker Summit Winter 2014

By: Jaliyyah Hodge 3.5 Stars! On Sunday December 7, 2014 the Sneaker Summit was held in Houston, TX where sneaker enthusiasts from all walks of life gathered to buy, sell, trade, display, browse, and discuss rare and fashionable sneakers and clothing in a large party atmosphere.  I have to admit, I'm not a sneaker

Paralyzed vet surprises bride with wedding dance

By: Jaliyyah Hodge     Sgt. Joe Johnson, who served in Afghanistan, pulled off a wedding surprise his wife Michelle will never forget. He joined her for their first dance without a wheelchair. Click here to learn more