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Attack on Titan (Anime Review)

Every once in awhile, an anime appears that is completely shrouded around hype from the anime community itself. It's the show that everyone talks about, the show that everyone needs to watch. But is Attack on Titan truly worthy of the hype it's received? I certainly believe it is. Trust

Toys ‘R’ US closing stores, including one in Houston

Being $5 million in debt, the toy company that once dominated toy sales in the United States filed for bankruptcy protection back in September. Chairman and CEO, Dave Brandon said in a letter that "very tough decisions are being required in order to save Toys R' Us." As well as this, he

Breaking New: Metro Bus Crashes Into Home

On 11/12/17, a Houston Metro bus crashed into a residential home late Saturday night. When a car decided to run a stop sign, the bus driver instinctively swerved in order to avoid a head on collision with the suspect in question. This entire situation unfolded in the areas of Old

Cousins involved in a murder suicide

A Spring, Texas family is currently in mourning today after an apparent murder suicide within the family. This incident took place on an area near spring called Tatton Crest Court, Tuesday night. The neighbors reported that the family involved in the incident recently took in a family member who was having

Ohio woman found stabbed to death inside of home

On Monday night, an Ohio man found his wife stabbed to death inside of their home. Apparently, the couple were not strangers when it came to people breaking into their home and had experienced attempted break ins throughout the year. Despite this, things had escalated further. Melinda Pleskovic, age 49, was taken