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Penn State’s fatal hazing

  Timothy Piazza, a is young man who was seeking to further his collegiate experience in hopes of joining a fraternity at Penn State was unfortunately cut short by him losing his life due to hazing. His death initially was ruled as an accident. But the grand jury took a closer

Artificial Womb?

One scientific video that is taking the internet by storm, is the artificial womb. Scientist have developed and mimicked the womb of a mammal. They made sure to provide the fetal lamb with the proper nutrients that any fetus would to become healthy such as mocking the exchange from the

Dave Chappelle is back!

After leaving a $50 million dollar deal and a hit TV show over a decade ago, Dave Chappelle is now making his triumphant return. Gracing his audience with what they've been longing for the most; his intense and unorthodox comedy. Dave Chap has 2 stand- up specials now on Netflix,

The Kalief Browder Story

  The story a young man, Kalief Browder who spent 3 years on Rikers Island without ever being convicted of a crime; Browder spent over a thousand days in jail waiting for a trial that was never given to him. After enduring several accounts of abuse, he had been sent to

Is this presidential reign being ran fairly?

News has been circulating that President Trump has received aide from Russia. This infuriates President Trump because many are saying that his former national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, has been slammed by the illegal leaks to the media about the shady dealings between Russia and President Trump during and

Iran stands strong in the face of threats

Iran will not be deterred due to President Donald Trump's abrasive behavior. Iran has stated that they will not bow down because of the threats of the U.S  has made and will continue its missile activity. Such high tension between both countries raises a high concern for the well being

Our new supreme court justice

President Trump appoints Judge Neil Gorsuch to supreme court justice. After terminating the acting attorney General, Sally Yates, for what he refers to as a betrayal to the Department of Justice by declining to defend his executive order which was a temporary ban on refugees and visa holders that are

Dylann Roof sentenced to death.

  Dylann Roof who took the lives of 9 innocent African Americans while they were in bible study at a historically black church, has not only been convicted on 33 charges but has now been sentenced to death. After news got out people everywhere felt a sigh of relief. Because justice

The CEO of Coca Cola resigns

Muhtar Kent has recently stepped down from his position of 8 years being the Coca Cola CEO. However, he will remain to be Coca Cola's chairmen. James Quincy who is the company's president and chief operating officer will take his reign as CEO May 1, 2017. For more information click here

My nontraditional Halloween weekend

So many people I know went to go see scary movies in theaters, attended parties and trick or treating this Halloween. However, my Halloween weekend happened to be really boring and pretty basic. I stayed in the house filling out college and scholarship applications and worked all weekend. I also

Ciara and Russel Wilson are expecting their first child

The R&B singer, Ciara, and quarterback of the Seattle Seahawks, Russel Wilson, who just married 3 months prior, are now expecting their first child together. Ciara broke the news about her pregnancy through a birthday post of her and her husband with the caption, "On this special birthday I received

Are you truly envious?

"For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work." James 3:16 The past few weeks have been a little rough on me not only because of my health issues but because of the day to day issues I have to endure. I can truly say that people's true