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Basketball season is here!

click here Today is our 2nd game of the season and I'm so excited. Coach has been getting us ready for this game every since school started. I love playing basketball. It takes me to another place. The sound of the ball dribbling, the cheering in the crowd and so much anticipation. All my

The stress is kicking into high gear

I am in my second month of school and I'm already pulling my hair out. I didn't think senior year would be so stressful. The application process for scholarships and colleges has really taken a toll on me. I'm struggling in three of my classes, especially PHYSICS! Now that basketball

Ready for the month of November

As October is slowly winding down, I am patiently waiting for November. I'm just so excited! Maybe it is because my birthday is approaching. But I love the month of November. Basketball season is here,the weather is nice, the leaves are falling, holidays are coming, last but not least- my birthday

Basketball season is slowly approaching

"Swishh," I can hear the basketball go through the net. I can hear the joyful sounds of our band playing mighty music. As the month goes by, I become more excited for basketball season. Our first game of the season is November 4th and I feel like I'm ready. It's my senior

Lets Go Mexico!!!!

I am so exited for our senior class trip this year!  Even though it is not until March,  I'm still anxious to go out of the United States with my senior class and friends. When it was announced, that we were going to Mexico on a cruise.. my heart started to