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What to wear for graduation day ?

  Not a lot of people really put any thought into what they want there graduation attire to be  until a few days before. Believe it or not its a hard task to keep up with the top trends and be appropriate and as comfortable as possible. So here are some

How to live a healthy lifestyle

Don't stress yourself out at your job or school. Be positive at all times even if something might upset you. If you surround yourself with positive environments everything you do will reflect positively. Save space by reorganizing your living and work area. Being organized and having a clean living/work

Students learn basic lesson in economics

A lesson in economics has turned into a money-making venture for a Madison High School duo. Elsy Rodriguez,18, and Keyli Cartajena, 17, said they never thought about starting a business until they were in Pauline Scott-Bradford’s Economics class. They were given a month-long project and decided to take it a step

A.J. Bouye is not expected to get the franchised tag

  Corner-back, A.J. Bouye, will not get franchised tagged by the Houston Texans according to ESPN insider, Adam Schefter. Houston Texans head coach Bill O' Brien thinks Bouye is viewed as a top corner-back player. Furthermore, there is a possibility that Houston will re-sign Bouye. To see Bouye's opinion about this

Houston nutrition company partners with HEB

  HEB and Houston nutrition company have partnered to sell its omega-3 supplements line, AlGeepa on March 1st, 2017. Their goal is to provide their consumers all around the world with high quality supplements, vegan options and sustainable grown nutritional products. And their partnership with HEB will be a very important

John Wick: Chapter two

John Wick: Chapter two opened on February 10, 2017. Lets say its just a continuation of what has already occurred in the first chapter. It's really a sort of trailer promotion for John Wick: Chapter three according to critics. 18426

Beyonce Vs. Adele at the grammy’s

Three of the Grammy's biggest honors for artist: record, song and album of the year are up to grabs for pop's biggest divas. Beyonce's provocative album, Lemonade & Adele's blockbuster 25 are front runners for the trophy. If Beyonce wins album of the year, she will be the first black

Nine arrests were made at a drug bust down in Northwest Harris County….

On January 11th in Northwestern Harris County residence ,Harris county precinct four deputy constables made nine arrests during a drug. Under cover officers served a search warrant and went through the home. Neighbors had reported suspicious and disturbing activity... for more on this story visit

Top 3 Most Recommended Face Cleansers

  "Shea Moisture Acne Prone & Trouble Skin African Black Soap With Shea Butter" Is a number one favorite in stores right now!  This product reduces unwanted blemishes with just the first three uses. It also helps with skin tone imperfections & improving skin texture. This product works best with oily

Marvel comic fans get ready!

Lots of super hero movies have premiered this past years such as, " Suicide squad", "Batman vs Superman", "Dead-pool" etc. Doctor strange will be soon part of that list as well. On November 3, 2016. this has been one of my most wanting to see movies all year! I just hope

Tesla claims upgrading new production cars!

Tesla announced that beginning today, all cars built will be self -driving, have a 360 degree camera, ultrasonic sensors, and lots more new features! To read all new features and costs, visit:  

Theranos INC. To Shut Facilities And Lay Off Workers

Elizabeth Holmes will shut down facilities and shed more than 40% of its workers because that could help the company accelerate its shifts and get back on track to developing products that could be sold to other laboratories. Elizabeth Holmes is the CEO and founder of a privately-held blood test

Top 3 fall makeup tips

Keep a good smokey eye shadow pallet close by , the fall is the best time to show it off. Dark neutral lips are a must especially when rocking a natural look. Don't ever try to go for a dewy and matte look at the same time! In the