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Worthing students keep up the pace with new city jobs

Thirteen Worthing High School students are now part of an elite group. As part of the City of Houston’s Professional Academy for Career Excellence (PACE) program, students participate in a paid internship. PACE has been visualized as an institute dedicated to molding the career of an entire body of students by developing

3 men suspected in human trafficking ring

Three men were arrested Sunday evening as they are suspects in a human trafficking ring in Southern California. The police have arrested Brian Lewis, Dashawn Jackson and Dameon Howard following a tip a 17 year old made through a human sex trafficking hotline. The teen told investigators she was held against her

Husband killed in front of wife in road rage

21-year-old, Oscar Reyes, was shot then run over in a road rage last night in North Houston. According to investigators Reyes was driving with his wife on Aldine Westfield road. They reportedly began experiencing car issues near Hartwick when their car stalled. A driver in a Tahoe began to honk

Second suspect arrested in death of 3 year old boy

Police have made a second arrest in connection to the beating death of a 3 year old boy. Andre Young, 21, is now charged in the death of a child-serious injury. The child's 21 year old mother arrest was last year when she surrendered to authorities. Jones' son was pronounced dead November

83 year old man shoots and kills woman searching for her dog

83 year old Eugene Matthews was arrested for the shooting death of Rebecca Rawson. Rawson, her daughter and her brother-in-law went to Matthew's home to retrieve their dog. The animal belonged to Rawson's estranged husband who died last week. Rawson stayed in the car while her brother-in-law Rodney searched desperately for their

Father of three shot and killed

28 year old husband and father, Manuel Rodriguez, was shot and killed in an attempt robbery. According to police reports, Rodriguez and his husband were unloading groceries on near their home on the 7000 block of Ashcroft when a unknown man approached them with a gun. Police said the husband had

Man shot in head in Southwest Houston

A man was shot in the head December 26, 2016 in Southwest Houston and police said it was all caught on camera. The video shows several people getting out of a dark colored car and surrounding the victim's Toyota Camry and start opening fire. The victim was in very serious condition

Chad Holley now charged with capital murder

Chad Holley, a man at the center of a 2010 beating investigation has now been charged with capital murder. Holley was charged on Sunday and is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow due to the charges. The charges are connected to the shooting death of David Trejo-Gonzales on September 21,

Women charged in her 3 year old sons death

Police are seeking help from the public to find Jasmine Jones, 21, who has been charged in the death of her 3 year old son. Jones is charged with two counts of injury to a child in the death of 3 year old Jaycion Jones. Jaycion suffered several injuries and his

2016 Holiday Events in Houston

Although this is the last month in the year, the celebrations have just begun. If you live in the Houston area here are some holiday  events you can attend and bring guests as well. ICE LAND: Ice Sculpture, A Caribbean Christmas! Talented carvers transforms blocks of ice into wonderful sculptures. The theme