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Senior Jitters

So, I will admit, I'm a very busy person. I work multiple jobs, take AP courses, work the soundboard at church, am an officer in ROTC, and volunteer. On top of that, I rarely say no to invites to events or more work. But now, senior year has hit me

Bill O’Reilly out, Fox reports

21st Century Fox, parent company to Fox News, has decided "after careful review of the allegations" that anchor Bill O'Reilly won't be returning to the conservative news station. This is following the anchor's rising sex offense allegations, numbering around 5 women since 2004. O'Reilly has been a member of Fox

‘Trump must hang’ says university lecturer

Fresno State University lecturer Lars Maischak is in hot water after his twitter comments about US President Donald Trump. On twitter, the faculty member said that Trump "must hang" for the sake of American values and democracy. Maischak has been targeted by right-wing media, specifically Breitbart News. For more information, including

Spoken word offers voice to the voiceless

A tiny little theater on White Oak Drive... Hot, bright lights. Old school rap and R&B banging and pouring from well-loved speakers with poets, rappers, artists and laity-alike chanting, laughing along to the beat. The Shout is an organization and idea of many facets. It isn’t quite a slam, though it gives

Racism is becoming stylish again

“Nazis are bad” should be a completely uncontroversial opinion. The National Socialist German Workers’  Party, or Nazi party, was responsible for the genocide of about 11 million people during WWII, six million of which were Jewish. When someone is responsible for killing 11 million people, they should be able to be called

Holiday Jitters

The holidays are sort of a weird time for me. Usually people feel unified, joyful, or any number of other positive emotions, most of which are associated with family. Personally, I just feel stuck. Stuck between two worlds. My parents have been divorced longer than they were ever married. I was born,

4 US citizens die in Melbourne plane crash

Four US citizens, including three Texans, died in a plane crash that landed into the Melbourne, Australia Mall.  A former FBI agent, a former CEO, and the co-founder of a law firm were on board the plane, and were three of five people present abroad. All five of them were

New EPA admin confirmed by Senate

WASHINGTON-- This Friday Oklahoma state Attorney General Scott Pruitt was approved by the Senate for approval to the position of head of the Environmental Protection Agency. The confirmation comes as a mild surprise, as Pruitt has sued the agency during the Obama administration's time, as well as Democratic push to

All-nighters? Worst. Idea. Ever.

Let's get one thing out of the way. I haven't pulled an all-nighter since probably December of 2014. It's now February 2017. That's three years I've gone without needing to stay up the entire night for anything. I don't even stay up all night on New Year's Eve-- i'm promptly in bed

Gun violence activist’s cousin shot

CHICAGO, IL: 11 year old Takiya Williams was one of the two girls shot within an hour of one another this weekend on the South side of Chicago. She is the cousin of prominent anti-gun violence and community activist Rachel Williams, 18474

Top tips for picking your new college

For anyone who's worried about picking your college, here are a few quick tips for wading through the mountain of college selection choices. Majors. Diversity in majors means diversity in applicants. You won't be going to a school with a bunch of the same people who want to do the same things.

It’s Day 13

And no, i'm not talking about Friday the 13th or any other thirteen-day-related idiosyncrasies. It's day 13 of the Trump administration and quite frankly, I am exhausted.  Since Trump was elected, he has been sued more than 30 times. At least three attorney generals have sued on the behalf of their respective states

Vice President Pence to speak at March for Life

According to a senior White House official, Vice President, Mike Pence is to be one of the keynote speakers of the March for Life, an anti-abortion organization and one of the largest pro-life rallies in the world. According to the White House officials, Kellyanne Conway and other officials will be

On the fence about Hancock’s “The Founder”

Good while they’re hot and likely to make you feel regret afterwards? Much like McDonald’s french fries, John Lee Hancock’s 2016 Film The Founder is just that: great in the moment and a little unsatisfying when you get home. The Founder follows Ray Kroc (Michael Keaton), a struggling Illinois salesman whose unfailing

Graduation on the horizon for many

It's January, and for many high school seniors-- actually, about 3.5 million for the 2016-17 school year-- that means graduation is somewhere close to five months away. An even earlier deadline is the so-called "grade lock" deadline, when seniors' grades are finalized for transcript submissions to college (somewhere in the

Orlando police officers dead in shooting

Two Orlando, Florida police officers were killed this morning, one by suspect Markeith D. Loyd, 41. Officers were attempting to detain Loyd for the killing of ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, 24. She was pregnant at the time of the murder. Orlando police Master Sgt. Debra Clayton was shot by Loyd as

‘Catastrophic’ possibility of Jordan U.S. Embassy

With the swearing in the United States' newest president elect on the horizon, certain campaign promises from Trump are proving dangerous or unwise. The most seemingly harmful of his promises have been in regards to his international policy. Jordanian Information Minister, Mohammed Momani,  has said in a statement to the

North Carolina to repeal HB2

After months of mixed reactions about North Carolina's bill HB2, nicknamed "the bathroom bill" which prohibits transgender people from using their preferred gender bathroom, the state could repeal the much-contested bill. However, the bill's removal may come at the price of Carolina's nondiscrimination ordinance, which could be more harmful. For more