Taking Action

By Kayla Sturdevant Anyone else tired of me cheesy yet catchy titles? Yeah, me neither. Some good news - my diet's turning out wonderfully. I'm drinking water and following all of my other routines. I already see a difference in my legs and arms on week 1! I've also texted my friend and

Feeling Safe

By Kayla Sturdevant I don't know what I'm doing lately but it's working. I feel amazing. I've taken on a new routine and when obstacles come in my way I'm able to solve them almost instantly. I feel more confident than ever. My life doesn't resemble a perfect one but I do

Thoughtful Grandmother

By Kayla Sturdevant All of my daily objectives look as if they will turn out well. I'm still going strong with my 30-day challenge and I'm loving how toned my body became after only a couple of weeks. My friend and I made up. I realized I blew things out of proportion and

Staying Positive

By Kayla Sturdevant Things have started to look up in my life lately. I finally picked up my things from my friend. My dedication to my challenge remains constant. I also finally bought my plane ticket. I'm pretty good at keeping up with my 30-day challenge. However I did cut back on

Ten tips to Survive Next Year’s FPSF

By Juan Palomo If you went to this year’s Free Press Summer Festival then you may be pissed off over how bipolar the weather was over the weekend. One second the sky would be dark and cloudy and the next it’ll be bright and sunny. Now you’re back home watching the

Going to FPSF for the First Time

By Juan Palomo School is over and summer is finally here which can only mean one thing for fellow Houston music lovers. Free Press! Now if you're an introverted person like me who is not a big fan of drunk and sweaty people with the hot sun baking your back, then you